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Kori Campfield

Facts of Kori Campfield

Full Name: Kori Campfield
Birth Date: April 21, 1982
Age: 42 years
Gender: Female
Profession: Celebrity
Country: Ghana
Horoscope: Taurus
HusbandKofi Kingston
Net Worth$100k
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Birth PlaceAccra, Ghana
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WWE fans frequently think of Kofi Kingston when they think of the company. Since 2006, the professional Ghanaian-American wrestler has competed on SmackDown. Additionally, Kofi has stood by his wife, Kori Campfield, during the majority of his wrestling career.

Today, we’ll pay more attention to Kori and her life as the spouse of a famous wrestler. But it goes without saying that Kofi is well-known in both the wrestling community and the entertainment sector.

Kori Campfield age
Kori Campfield, wife of Kofi Kingston

Since kori is frequently overshadowed by her husband’s stardom, Mrs. Kingston is frequently overlooked. So, we’ll be sure to share all of the information we have about her.

Kori Campfield: Who is she? What country is she from?

For the benefit of those who are interested, Kori Campfield, like most celebrity wives, rose to popularity after her wedding to Kofi Kingston, a wrestler. Before moving to the United States, sometimes known as the country of dreams, the adored wife Kori was born in Accra, Ghana.

There aren’t many specifics about her early years because she spent the majority of her time on another continent. Standard details like her parents’ names, occupations, and locations are still absent.

Likewise, her siblings are also affected in the same way. Not to mention, it is unknown what education Kori has received. Campfield must, though, be a knowledgeable individual.

Other than that, Kori is of African descent and belongs to the Ghanian nationality.

Kori’s age, height, and weight

We have met Kofi with his lovely wife, Kori Campfield, on numerous occasions. Kori looked great in each and every one of her public appearances because of her small yet voluptuous shape. In addition, Kori was particularly attractive due to her long, dark brown hair and her coffee-colored eyes.

Similarly, it is difficult to imagine Campfield is already in her late 30s based just on her appearance. Yes, this gorgeous diva is currently 38 years old. She was born on April 21, 1982, making Taurus her zodiac sign.

According to what we know, those born under this sign are renowned for their obstinacy, passion, and tenacity. She hasn’t shared anything else about her body, including her height and weight. We’ll make sure to keep you informed about those soon.

How much money is Kofi Kingston worth? What is Kori Campfield’s annual salary?

Most aspects of Kori’s personal and professional life have remained a secret. The celebrity wife has avoided media exposure for her job outside of her education and family. It is therefore difficult to determine her occupation.

However, according to certain sources, this adored WWE wife has a net worth of $100,000. So, from where does the funding come? No idea. But for now, the figures are available.

We are aware of exactly where and how her husband, Kofi Kingston, is paid in the meanwhile. The WWE superstar currently has a net worth of $3 million.

The wrestler from Ghana and America is worth $500k just from his wage. As everyone is aware, Kofi is a WWE superstar who started working in this industry at the beginning of 2006.

What is the occupation of Kori Campfield? | Professional Career

As was already mentioned, Kori’s occupation and career are not revealed in any information or specifics. The information is essentially nonexistent, just like her upbringing, education, and life.

Despite the lack of knowledge, people have still made a variety of assumptions. For instance, according to numerous reports, Kori, the famous husband’s wife, may currently be a stay-at-home mother caring for their two cherished sons.

Campfield has, however, appeared on television a few times where she is seen standing beside her husband.

Being the wife of one of the well-known WWE wrestlers, Kofi Kingston, makes it difficult for her to avoid the media and the paparazzi. Kori has nonetheless succeeded in maintaining a low profile and shielding her family from additional public scrutiny.

The marriage and children of WWE star Kofi Kingston’s wife

Now that their relationship has been discussed, Kofi and Kori are a married couple who exchanged vows sometime in 2010. But regrettably, there isn’t a lot of information available about their relationship, both before and after the marriage.

However, other people surmise that the two must have been longtime friends. In addition, they were married after a lovely engagement ceremony.

Nevertheless, just like other things, just their close relatives and friends were present at their tiny wedding. In the present, the couple is the parents of two lovely children.

Kori Campfield husband and sons
Kori Campfield with her family

In a similar vein, Kori gave birth to Khi, their first child, a male, in 2013. Then, in April 2016, the Campfield’s welcomed Orion, their second child, who was also a son. But as might be expected from Kori, other information is scarcely disclosed outside of their names.

However, it appears that Kori is just like every other celebrity or wrestler that is active on social media, particularly on Facebook.

From there, we learned some information about her personal life, such as the fact that she lives with her modest family of four in their home in Tampa, Florida.

Additionally, Kori is close friends with wrestlers with famous names like Santino Marella and Natalie “Natalya” Neidhart. Funny enough, her husband’s account is completely inactive compared to hers.

Kofi Kingston | Career in WWE

Speaking about the adored spouse and man of the hour, Kofi Kingston is a well-known professional wrestler. The Ghanaian-American is a SmackDown brand performer that is signed to WWE.

The King must sadly delay making any official comeback announcements because of his back issue.

Kofi Nahaje Sarkodie-Mensah, the son of Kwasi and Elizabeth Sarkodie-Mensah, was born as Kofi Kingston. Kofi relocated to the United States with his family, including Nana Akua and his brother Kwame.

Likewise, Kingston has a degree despite choosing to focus on a career in wrestling. Yes, the well-known wrestler attended Boston College after receiving his diploma from Winchester High School.

However, King didn’t start concentrating on his wrestling career until shortly after he received his undergraduate degree.

Kori Campfield and Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston is a WWE professional wrestler.

Not to mention that he quickly established himself as Kofi Nahaje Kingston after starting out as a Jamaican wrestler on the New England independent circuit.

Kofi was signed by WWE (World Wrestling Entertaining) in September 2006 due to his skill and flair for entertainment.

The wrestler first employed the same Jamaican persona he had in the independent circuit. The character and his accent were later eliminated by the firm, but Kofi continued to go by Kofi Kingston despite all the changes.

Become More Prominent
Kofi Kingston spent the majority of his time in the WWE’s mid-card singles scene during his stint as a wrestler. He won the US Championship three times and the Intercontinental Championship four times.

Young Kofi then joined his first team, The New Day, in 2014, and took part in the Tag team Champions.

From August 2015 until December 2016, the group also held the record for the longest Tag Team Championship in history.

He, at last, had the chance to compete in “WrestleMania 35.” And following his victory over Daniel Bryan, Kingston earned his first world titles with the organization.

Successes and Other Projects

Kofi Kingston has had a successful fourteen-year wrestling career, winning numerous championships and achieving fame. In the WWE, Kofi has produced 20 Grand Slam champions and 30 Triple Crown winners.

Kingston has developed a reputation for taking part in the Royal Rumble and coming up with creative tactics to avoid being removed.

Kofi rapidly established himself as a fan favorite thanks to his combination of athletic prowess and entertainment value. Due to his modest demeanor, Kingston participated in a lot of public performances.

Kofi also goes by the name Mr 24/7 on another WWE star Xavier Woods’ YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown. In addition, the WWE star appeared as a guest star in an episode of the 2012 season of the karate comedy Kickin’ It on Disney XD.

Kingston joined his New Day comrades on another show called Let’s Make a Deal which had a Christmas Family theme four years later. Then Xavier made an appearance with a friend on YouTube’s Smosh Pits episode 33.

In contrast to his grappling and combat, Kingston wrote a book called The Book of Booty: Shake It. adore it Never Be It in the past, 2017. Together with fellow New Day members Big E and Xavier Woods, he co-wrote the book.

The presence of Kori Campfield on social media

Regarding her social media accounts, Kori is active on Facebook, but regrettably, her account is private and not open to the public.


  • I am living proof that if you work hard enough, you will be able to achieve anything, and I take a lot of pride in what I have achieved. 
  • It’s so inspiring to be able to look a child in the eyes and just shake their hands and see the disbelief that this is actually happening. 
  • It is one thing to tell people in theory that you can be whatever you want to be, but it is another thing to tell someone that they can be whatever they wanted to be because somebody that is just like you did it. 

FAQs about Kori Campfield

Kofi Kingston is still wed, right?

Yes, the fighter and Kori Campfield are still wed.

Kofi was born abroad but in America?

Kingston, though, was born in Ghana and eventually emigrated to the United States.