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Know Rick Dale’s Biography to Discover How His Family and Wife Contributed to His Massive Net Worth on “American Restorations”

Know Rick Dale’s Biography to Discover How His Family and Wife Contributed to His Massive Net Worth on “American Restorations”

Rick Dale is a well-known reality television host and the proprietor of Rick Restorations, a Las Vegas, Nevada-based business that restores antiques.

He rose to recognition after making an appearance on the popular reality series American Restorations on the History Channel (also known as Rick’s Restorations). On October 25, 2010, the program debuted as the first spin-off of the well-known reality television program Pawn Stars.

The show also included Rick’s wife Kelly, sons Tyler and Brett, brother Ron, and the group of specialists who would bring American vintage artifacts back to their former splendor.

Learn in-depth information on Rick’s biography, family (wife and kids), and net worth on this page.

Been Married Since 1994 to Kelly, Wife

Since getting hitched on November 11, 1994, Rick and Kelly have been living together for more than 25 years.

Tyler, the couple’s son, and Ally, their daughter, are also members of the family. Additionally, they have Brett Otterman, a son from Kelly’s previous relationship [before marrying Rick].

Additionally, they originally connected at the gym where they both attended. The pair discussed how they initially met in a February 2016 interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

I used to go to the gym at three in the morning, Rick said. Kelly spent a lot of time there at that time and one night she mentioned a party. Do you want to go?’ I assume it’s a date-related question. When I arrive, there are a lot of males there, and Kelly has a date.

That was the turning point for them, according to Kelly. She had the exact memory of seeing him dressed on that date night. She remembered:

The happy pair are currently enjoying a tranquil life with their devoted family. Through his social media accounts, the reality star frequently displays his close relationship with his family.

In November 2016, on the occasion of their wedding anniversary, he posted a Twitter photo of himself and his wife wishing her and praising her as the family’s “heart and soul.”

Happy Anniversary to my better half and best friend @ KellyDale_, he wrote. You are the foundation of our family. Love you forever and always!

His second wife is Kelly.

Rick had been married once before meeting Kelly, and it ended badly.

Rick’s website states that his previous marriage ended in divorce in 1993, despite the fact that he has given very little information regarding his first spouse.

He was so devastated by the divorce that he shut down his business and lost all of his money doing repair work.

But Kelly entered his life, helped him, and stood by him to support Rick and help him grow his company.

After six seasons, fired from “American Restorations”

After six seasons of American Restorations, the History Channel abruptly fired Rick and his coworkers. The network planned to renew the program with a fresh cast and premise in 2016. This came as startling news to many.

The first six seasons of the show were originally filmed in Rick’s restoration shop, Rick’s Restorations, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rick was initially chosen to be a part of the series in 2010.

The program focused on returning various vintage artifacts to their original state and featured daily footage from his antique restoration business.

Members of Rick’s family participated in the series’ restoration efforts as well. His brother Ron, wife Kelly, and son Tyler were employees of the business and appeared on the television program.

has a substantial net worth thanks to the family business

Thanks to his family’s business, Rick presently has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Even after being sacked from the American Restoration television series, Rick kept running his Las Vegas restoration business, Rick’s Restorations.

Rick’s Restorations’ growth and business operations were managed by him with the assistance of his wife, Kelly.

Tyler, one of their sons, is the shop’s manager, and Brett works as a salesman and a picker. Likewise, their niece Michelle is the assistant manager and in charge of merchandise, while their daughter Ally manages the office and accounts receivable.

Those specifics alone indicate that Rick’s Restorations is a family-run enterprise that has thus far made Rick a contented man.

Following American Restoration, Rick also made appearances in a number of other TV shows, including Pawn Stars, Counting Cars with well-known car enthusiast Danny Koker, and the documentary Coked Up!, which brought him a little extra cash for him.

Newport Beach, California, native

On December 13, 1970, Rick was born in Newport Beach, California.

Later, when he was 13 years old, his family relocated to Boulder City, Nevada, where he and his younger brother Ron Dale were raised.

Rick’s father, a professional racer, served as an inspiration for him to develop a love of driving from an early age. The reality personality first built a soapbox racer with his father before moving on to fix automobiles, motorcycles, hot rods, and ultimately, Coke machines and petrol pumps.

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In the end, he opened Rick’s Restorations after using the information his father had taught him to enter the restoration industry.