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Know His Ex-Wife: Derek Waters Is Content With His Current Girlfriend

Know His Ex-Wife: Derek Waters Is Content With His Current Girlfriend

In addition to being a comedian, screenwriter, producer, and director, Waters appears to be deeply in love with Zohlman and frequently highlights her on his Instagram.

He even wished her a happy birthday on his Instagram on June 23, 2020. He uploaded a sweet photo of her with their puppy and commented, “Happy birthday, @zarahzohlman, my quarantine queen. I adore you. Colton and Derek.”

He had previously shown Zohlman his affection when he shared a picture of the two of them with a tender statement on Valentine’s Day in 2019.

The Drunk History host thanked his fiancée Zohlman for constantly giving him reasons to grin and said that making her smile was his favorite thing to do in the caption.

Likewise, Zohlman feels the same way about the accomplished actor. When Waters blogged about the end of their two years of dating on January 1, 2020, she also talked about her love for him on social media.

She sent Waters a couple of pictures and commented, “Two fantastic years packed with goats with @dw34

With you in it, life is so much better.”

That information also makes it clear that the two have been dating since the beginning of 2018.

Most significantly, the two frequently post about their chemistry on social media and are deeply in love with one another.

And if things continue to go this well in their relationship, there is little doubt that the couple will get married soon.

In relation to marriage, Waters was once wed to a woman by the name of Jody. The actor has not revealed any detailed information about his former marriage to his wife.

But in a July 2014 interview with The Baltimore Sun, the actor recalled times when he and his wife Jody visited the Los Angeles sets of his show Drunk History.

His marriage to his wife Jody put an end to the at-the-time-circulated LGBT allegations about him.

Waters, often known as “Little Fella,” was a child of John and Jody Waters on July 30, 1979. He is Justin Waters’ younger brother.

He went to Townson High School and was in special education since he had a lot of difficulties in the classroom.

He came to Canada the following year to learn sketch and improv comedy and polish his skills after graduating from high school in 1998.

The comedic mastermind has a current net worth of $1 million thanks to his notable roles in films and television shows.