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Know Everything About LisaRaye McCoy’s Baby Father Kenji Pace

Know Everything About LisaRaye McCoy’s Baby Father Kenji Pace

Kenji Pace is LisaRaye McCoy‘s baby father and Kai Morae’s father in relation. The reports state that he is an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker by his profession. He rarely shows up in the media and is maybe living his life as ordinary as he can.

LisaRaye McCoy’s former partner, Kenji Pace, seems to have no contacts with his daughter, Kai Morae, and his ex-partner. Talking about his current relationship, rumors notify that he is still single and has not been in any serious relationship with anyone.

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LisaRaye McCoy And Her Baby Father, Kenji Pace’s Love Ended In 1990

The couple parted their ways in 1990 and never turned back to each other. But before it happened, Kenji Pace and LisaRaye McCoy’s love came to a rise in 1989. And they had a beautiful daughter, Kai Morae, who was born in the same year. Sadly, they could not last their love for a bit and had to end their relationship in 1990.

Kenji Pace and LisaRaye McCoy ended their loving relationship in 1990. Image Sources: Twitter/Wikipedia.

Then, Kenji Pace’s ex-partner married a former professional American football player, Tony Martin, in 1992. The marriage turned into a divorce after two years. To give her marriage a second try, she married Michael Misick in 2006. But again, after two years, they got separated, and at the moment, LisaRaye McCoy is still single.

On the other side, Kenji Pace went so far away from the limelight that it is tough to know about him. We assume that he is not in any relationship currently. Eventually, Kenji has a Twitter account. However, it seems like he has not used Twitter for long as his last post was of 2017.

So, Kai Morae’s parents, Kenji Pace and LisaRaye McCoy ended their love and relationship in 1990 and are now living separate lives at the moment.

Kenji Pace Is A Grandfather

Well, LisaRaye McCoy’s baby father, Kenji Pace is a grandfather already. His daughter, Kai Morae gave birth to her daughter, Bella Rae on Dec 17, 2016. Kenji, as well as Lisa, were probably so much happy to be grandparents to cute Bella.

Kai took it to Instagram and shared her daughter’s picture. Since Kenji is far away from the spotlight and media, it’s hard to tell if he is close to his daughter and grand-daughter. We assume he was over the moon to be a grand-dad for the first time. On the other hand, Lisa must be so close to Bella Rae as she has a fantastic bond and connection with her daughter. Nevertheless, in all, Kenji Pace is a grandfather to his daughter’s child.

Possibly Living A Low-Profile Life

Surely, LisaRaye McCoy’s baby father, Kenji Pace, does not come around the cameras. Also, he does not use any social media accounts presently. He might not want to create a massive fuss in the media, which is why he can be living a normal life.

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