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Kim Jong Kook Is Going Above and Beyond to Disprove Greg Doucette’s Steroids Allegation

Kim Jong Kook Is Going Above and Beyond to Disprove Greg Doucette’s Steroids Allegation

Greg Doucette’s recent words have angered Kim Jong Kook.

The Canadian bodybuilder and YouTuber recently called out the South Korean artist in a YouTube video, accusing him of utilizing modifications to maintain his trim figure.

“I’m saying, ‘He’s improved, not natural,'” he explained, before adding, ”

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The Reaction of Kim Jong Kook

Jong Kook has refuted Doucette’s steroids allegations and is determined to prove the YouTuber’s claims about his body are false at any cost.

The South Korean singer, who is one of the most popular health and fitness celebrities, originally addressed the problem on YouTube, writing that it was the first time in his life that he had come across such a “interesting and intriguing topic.”

He also stated that he was willing to submit to hundreds of doping tests to prove that he had not used any drugs or enhancements to maintain his fitness.

Greg Doucette accuses Kim Jong Kook of using steroids. (Image courtesy of Kim Jong Kook’s YouTube channel)

The statement was translated as follows:

In another video, he revealed that he had worked as an actor and singer in South Korea for 27 years and had lately launched a YouTube channel to show people his bodybuilding process and encourage them to go to the gym and keep a healthy body.

He also criticized Doucette, who claimed in his video that the Korean star couldn’t complete 50 sets easily, by underlining that he did his exercises in his own unique style to maintain his weight.

“A person who has never ascended a high mountain from the bottom sees a person with a flag at the top and says, ‘You can’t go up there without a helicopter,'” Jong Kook continued.

The Running Man star showed off the testing he has conducted up to that point in his recent post. He even stated that he planned to complete all 391 KADA doping tests available in the next few days in order to put an end to such claims.

Greg Doucette claims he was misquoted.

On November 6, Doucette released a follow-up video to his first, in which he examined Jong Kook’s claims in reaction to his initial video.

He claimed in the video that the actor and his South Korean followers were angry with him because he accused him of using modifications to make his body look fit. He also claimed that numerous news tabloids misquoted him and made him out to be the bad guy.