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Kidada Jones Had Got A Tupac Tattoo, Former Lovers

Kidada Jones Had Got A Tupac Tattoo, Former Lovers

Tupac Shakur was a rap legend and is regarded as one of the best rappers of all time. While his raps combining many social topics were often in the news, he was also known for his romantic relationships. Tupac was madly over heals for Kidada Jones while married to his then-wife, Keisha Morris, but their relationship was tragically cut short by his murder.

Kidada and Tupac had only been together for four months but were already inseparable. When they were together, Kidada even got a tattoo of Tupac to show her love for him. Despite the fact that the couple had only been together for a fraction of their lives, they were extremely close. Let’s take a look at what happened in their relationship.

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What Was The Beginning And End Of It All?

Tupac and Kidada met in a club in 1995, just before one of Tupac’s trials. Tupac had earlier chastised her father, Quincy Jones, for marrying her white mother, Peggy Lipton, and the two did not speak at the time. Tupac apologized, and she gave him her phone number, and they spoke again during the second encounter. By the time they met again, the rapper was already dying for her. Tupac also expressed his affection for his mother and expressed his desire to marry her.

After he concluded his annulment with his then-wife, Keisha Morris, Kidada moved in with him in Calabasas, California. The pair had gotten engaged and was planning their wedding. Kidada even got a Tupac tattoo on her left shoulder, which always reminded her of him. Tupac was shot and killed, and the two were unable to continue their relationship. Tupac spent some heartbreaking moments with Kidada after the fatal shootout and before his coma, when she reminded him how much she and his family loved him.

Where Did Kidada’s Tupac Tattoo Go?

Kidada had a Tupac tattoo when she was with Tupac, as we previously mentioned. In an attempt to move on from the unfortunate occurrence, Kidada covered the tattoo with a flower. It was certainly a difficult time for her because she was completely attached to him and was about to become his wife. As previously said, Tupac expressed some things against her father, for which he later apologized. Fortunately, Quincy Jones also said that despite the disparaging remarks, he and Tupac had a terrific friendship.

In her father’s 2001 autobiography, Kidada wrote on her relationship with Tupac, saying that the death of Tupac was the worst thing that had ever happened to her. This simply goes to show how difficult it was for her to move on, and it’s probably why she covered up her tattoo.

The Future of Kidada’s Relationship

For a long time after Tupac’s death, Kidada did not have any relationships. She ultimately met someone in the form of Jeffrey Nash, whom she married in 2003 after a three-year courtship. Kidada was most likely still grieving the passing of her beloved Tupac, whom she remembered fondly. She hasn’t spoken about any of her relationships since her divorce from Jeffrey, and she’s presumably still on the lookout for a nice match. Kidada must still be remembering about her time with Tupac to this day.

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