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Kevin McGarry’s Love Life Behind the Scenes of “When Calls the Heart”

Kevin McGarry’s Love Life Behind the Scenes of “When Calls the Heart”

Since winning a prominent part as Dr. Timothy Hudson in the 2015 film Open Heart, Kevin McGarry has been making waves in the film business.

Following his breakout, the 36-year-old became a Hallmark Channel regular, appearing in five films, a Christmas special, and a television series.

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The beautiful actor is getting acclaim for his remarkable acting abilities with each new film.

It’s worth noting that it’s not just his abilities that are being lauded. Women are always curious if Kevin McGarry is married because of his dazzling blue eyes, interesting voice, and killer appearance.

McGarry is not married, but he is not single, which is good news for all the ladies. The actor is dating Kayla Wallace, a fellow showbiz colleague.

Kayla Wallace and McGarry’s Relationship

On November 18, 2020, McGarry made his relationship with Wallace official on Instagram. He shared a photo of the two of them with two coffee cups and three Polaroids.

“Photo evidence,” the Hallmark star added in the caption, hinting that it was confirmation of their relationship status. Wallace reposted the image on her Instagram stories after he posted it, along with a white love emoji.

The duo has been public about their romance in subtle ways since the first post. Take, for example, the time they went on a bike ride as a pair in May 2021.

Wallace then posted a cute photo of them on Instagram on August 5, 2021. As they both glanced at the clear blue sky painted with white clouds, she rested her head on McGarry’s shoulders.

The Killer Ending actress used lyrics from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s romantic ballad ‘Helpless’ in her caption. “Head in the clouds” with a red heart emoji was McGarry’s reaction, which was as romantic.

In the comments area, the couple’s co-stars instantly expressed their affection for them. Andrea Brooks, a Canadian actress, tweeted “cuties!” and Erin Krakow posted a red heart emoji.

They collaborated on the film ‘When Calls the Heart.’

When McGarry and Wallace met on the set of When Calls the Heart, their relationship was likely sparked.

In February 2019, they both joined Hallmark’s popular show for its sixth season. Nathan Grant was played by McGarry, and Fiona Miller was played by Wallace.

The eighth season of the show ended in May 2021. Early in 2022, the ninth season will premiere. While Wallace is expected to return, McGarry’s appearance has yet to be confirmed.

His and Chris McNally’s character Lucas Bouchard competed for Elizabeth’s love in the previous story. Bouchard won her heart at the end of season 8, and Grant missed out on the chance to marry Elizabeth.

Because Grant’s key character plot ended in the previous episode, we’ll have to wait and see if he’ll be given more screen time in the future season and reunited with his girlfriend.