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Kevin Hodge, one-half of “The Hodgetwins,” along with his identical twin, Keith, is a very private individual.

Kevin Hodge, one-half of “The Hodgetwins,” along with his identical twin, Keith, is a very private individual.

Gina Brillon has been married to Jeremy Oren for almost three years, and their love has only grown stronger over that time.

The spouse explained in an Instagram post dated September 24, 2020, that, aside from their love for one another, he had continued to grow day in and day out since meeting Brillon.

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Oren’s Birthday Message

The post, which was designed to commemorate their third wedding anniversary, also included a series of photos documenting the couple’s achievements throughout the years. Everything from their dating to him proposing on one knee to them marrying was documented in the photos.

The singer also wanted to spotlight some unique moments from their wedding. For example, in the fourth snap of the series, Oren put on an acoustic guitar and sang for his lovely wife.

Similarly, the pair shared a dance on the night of their wedding in the next photo. The couple flaunted their wedding bands for the camera in the next photo.

The Husband Said “I Love You”

While the photos brought back memories, Oren’s feelings were reflected in the words.

He began by saying that he couldn’t fathom life without his beloved and that his life had never been the same since meeting her.

The couple had not only developed in their love, but they had also added a new addition to their two-person household.

Despite the fact that 2020 will be a difficult year for everyone, Oren claims that it will be a good year for their marriage. So much so that his feelings for Brillon were stronger on that day than they had been on their wedding day.

Despite the fact that he had developed a lot in the last three years, he vowed to continue working hard for Brillon and their baby boy Jayden.

On Father’s Day, Brillon gushed over his husband.

However, Oren isn’t the only one who brags about their significant other on social media. On Father’s Day, the standup comedian took to Instagram to express her gratitude to her child’s father.

The post included three photos, the first of which showed the father and son tandem wearing white “Run DMC” t-shirts with blue Adidas jackets and trousers.

The doting father was seen carrying his young son in his arms in the second one, and both the father and the son were looking directly at the camera.

Finally, a photo of Brillon and Oren posing by the comedian’s hospital bed was taken. It’s reasonable to believe that this photo was taken shortly after Jaden’s birth.

Brillon wished her husband a happy Father’s Day in the post and quipped that he should be given an award merely for putting up with her.

She thanked him for loving her and little Jayden as much as he did at the end of her message. Of course, she returned the affection.