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Kevin Gates advises against face tattoos, claiming that they come with a lot of risks.

Kevin Gates advises against face tattoos, claiming that they come with a lot of risks.

Kevin Gates is best known for his worldwide smash gangster raps and prominent face tattoos. He has around 35 tattoos on his body, including those on his face, which are visible.

Despite his tattoo obsession, the Louisiana native advises everyone, particularly his loved ones, to avoid getting face tattoos. The designs on the face, he claims, come at a cost.

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Kevin Gates tries to persuade people not to get face tattoos.

Gates was frank about his face tattoos during a Q&A session (as shown in Hip Hop Content’s video) and claimed that he wouldn’t advocate them to anyone else. He said he had no problems with having designs on other parts of his body, but he advised against getting them on his face.

The ‘Me Too’ singer went on to explain why claiming that putting ink on one’s face came with a plethora of benefits. He emphasized that the designs would alter one’s appearance and make one appear to be a killer.

He acknowledged that tattoos are socially acceptable and stated that his perspective was the only reason why individuals should not have face tattoos.

Following his convictions, Gates stated that he would not want his daughter Islah Koren Gates to participate in body arts in the future. He joked that he and his wife, Dreka Gates, had already marked enough designs for her to not have to.

The 35-year-old even showed off his fatherly affection by telling her she didn’t need to do anything because she was already stunning.

Gates and Dreka welcomed their daughter on November 30, 2012, several years before their October 2015 wedding.

Gates’ face tattoos are a result of his suffering.

Gates’ face is covered in tattoos, including three monochrome teardrops and a star beneath his eyes. In addition, he has a unique soldier’s sign design on his forehead, exactly between his brows.

“Everything has a major meaning,” the musician said in an August 2014 interview with VladTV. He went on to say that his face tattoos were a result of pain.

Gates explained that the ink on his forehead was not religious, despite the fact that many people mistook it for a traditional Christian cross. Instead, he noted that it was a soldier’s sign — a compass with directions for south, north, east, and west.

The father of two also cleared the air about his teardrop designs. Most people felt his tattoos were a sign that he was a serial killer, he said. He said the teardrops signified “forever in sadness,” dispelling all hypotheses. He also revealed that the star beneath his right eye was a god’s sign.

Aside from the five arts listed, Gates’ left ear is tattooed with the letters ‘NUK.’ His cousin, Nuk The Rapper, had his name tattooed on him.

A tree, eagle, elephant, house, and many names, numbers, and letters are among the rapper’s body arts.

He also has portraits of YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Bob Marley, Luca Brasi from The Godfather, OG Boobie Black, and Elvis Presley, among others.