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Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Have a Difficult Relationship

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Have a Difficult Relationship

Devin Booker, an NBA player, has only ever dated two women in public. Jordyn Woods was his first public girlfriend, and they dated from 2018 to 2019.

Woods used to be friends with the Jenners, and it was via this connection that Booker met Kendall Jenner. Their first meeting was a little unusual.

They’ve remained close since meeting and began dating in the mid-2020s. From how they first met to where they are today, here’s a thorough timeline of their relationship.

Spotted On A Double Date In June 2018

As previously stated, their first true contact was out of the ordinary. On a double date with your current girlfriend, you don’t normally meet your future girlfriend.

Booker, who was dating Woods at the time, was spotted on a double date with Kendall Jenner and her reported boyfriend at the time, Ben Simmons, in early June 2018.

Given how they ended up together subsequently, there must have been a strong connection between them.

In April 2020, we’ll embark on a road trip through the middle of the pandemic.

TMZ captured Booker and Jenner in Sedona, Arizona, at a pit stop on their road journey together, some two years after their initial meeting. They “appeared to be a relationship,” but sources later explained that wasn’t the case, or so it was said.

According to sources close to Jenner, they were only “hanging out” at the time and were just pals.

Getting Closer to August 2020

They’re out together more frequently by this point. They’re out and about in Malibu, running errands, dining out, and hanging out with friends. Sources close to the couple confirmed that they were growing closer and that they were enjoying their time together.

Breaking Rules And Attending Parties in October 2020

Booker and Jenner allegedly disobeyed Kim Kardashian’s stay-at-home orders by attending her 40th birthday celebration. Oh, the bravado! And they were presumably under the impression that they were keeping it low-key.

However, the Kardashians and lowkey do not mix well. They were also spotted together at the party in an unintended snap, adding fuel to the dating rumors at the time.

February 2021 — Valentine’s Day for Each Other

Booker and Jenner went Instagram official on February 14 after a number of not-so-subtle but still-unofficial social media activities in January.

Both confirmed their relationship by posting adorable photos of themselves together on their Instagram stories.

Jenner then went to one of Booker’s Phoenix Suns games a few days later. While she was there, she also assisted a group of fans in getting nice shots at the stadium.

Approvals from the family are due in March 2021.

Sources have been leaking information about Booker’s relationship once again. They confessed that their connection had become more serious this time.

According to the insiders, Jenner is the happiest she’s ever been in a relationship, and Booker possesses all of the attributes she admires.

Another insider joined in shortly after, claiming that Jenner’s family adored Booker. There was even a suggestion of engagement, but it was only to say that they weren’t ready to get married just yet.

Cryptic Anniversary, June 2021

Despite the fact that they made their relationship public, Booker and Jenner have never been open about their personal lives. The same may be said for their Instagram anniversary celebrations on June 13, 2021.

Both of them shared adorable photos of each other on social media. Instead of making any overt references to the anniversary, he simply put “365” and “52” on his snaps, while Jenner simply shared photos.

Details of how they wanted their relationship to remain hidden surfaced in the days that followed. They also allegedly moved in together.

Celebrating Achievements in July 2021

With the Phoenix Suns, Booker made it to the NBA Finals. Kendall was there to cheer him on, even attending his game and sharing a video from it on Instagram. She added over the video, “I’m not emotional, you are.”

She seemed to be engrossed in the game and was cheering him on from the stands.

Booker appears to have found himself in a fantastic relationship. We’re excited to see where he and Jenner go in the future.