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Kelly Slater and his girlfriend have been together for more than ten years.

Kelly Slater and his girlfriend have been together for more than ten years.

If you are a serious surfer, Kelly Slater would be familiar to you. Slater, who is regarded as the best professional surfer of all time, has 55 career victories and 55 World Titles to his credit. He was both the youngest and oldest World Champion in male history.

He entered the competitive surfing scene in the 1990s and quickly attracted notice as he slashed through the powerful waves using deliberate fin releases and a variety of aerial maneuvers. By the age of 20, he had already captured his first World Title, ushering in a new era of elite surfing.

He left behind a legacy that many believe is difficult to match or even come close to in 30 years. Aside from his legacy, he is also well known for developing a wave pool technology in 2015 with his Kelly Slater Wave Co. engineering team in an effort to change the surfing scene for beginners.

Slater has had his fair share of attractive women throughout the years as a successful man. Even the birth of his daughter, Taylor Slater, was the consequence of one of his romances. The surfer is currently dating Kalani Miller, his longtime girlfriend.

Couple Kalani Miller and Kelly Slater

It is no secret that Slater and Miller, who frequently makes an appearance on his Instagram, are in a love relationship.

Miller shared a black-and-white photo of herself and Slater when they were younger on September 24, 2019, to celebrate their anniversary, even though it is unknown when the couple began dating. She noted in the caption that their relationship had lasted twelve years and two days.

Then she referred to him as a man child and repeated that she would give him a personal compliment.

Slater had greeted his sweetheart with a Happy Valentine’s Day in February of the same year. He wrote in the caption that he required assistance organizing and accessing his photos because the two of them had gone on so many excursions and adventures over the years.

During the launch of Slater’s apparel line Outerknown in 2016, The Daily Telegraph reported that Slater’s partner could be seen wearing a diamond on her left “ring” finger. Only a few days earlier, a tabloid had claimed that the couple had been looking for engagement rings.

Friends of the couple told the publication that Slater was “madly in love” with Miller and wished to marry her.

Although Miller has been photographed wearing a ring on her ring finger in recent Instagram postings, their engagement or wedding has not yet been announced, and it is unknown if she is Slater’s wife.

Slater’s Girlfriend Information

Miller is a surfer, much like Slater. Miller also worked as a child model for the Roxy swimwear company, which gave her the idea for her own company.

She and her sister, Oleema, founded MIKOH Swimwear (who is also dating a pro surfer). The sisters have dramatically expanded the business due to their astute business skills.

Today, their goods are sold all over the world.

With the intelligent and attractive Miller, Slater undoubtedly struck luckily.