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Kehlani Slams Clickbait Blogs and reveals to Using ‘She’ Pronouns Kehlani Slams Clickbait Blogs and Admits to Using ‘She’ Pronouns

Kehlani Slams Clickbait Blogs and reveals to Using ‘She’ Pronouns Kehlani Slams Clickbait Blogs and Admits to Using ‘She’ Pronouns

Kehlani is attempting to clear the air.

Byrdie interviewed the R&B artist on November 30, and she discussed embracing her non-binary identity.

The singer’s Twitter account was modified earlier this year to reflect her preference for she/they pronouns.

When people said “they,” Kehlani explained, she felt like she had earned respect.

Following the publication of the story, blogs and publications published articles about the singer choosing to use “she/they” pronouns and referring to herself as they. But it appears that Kehlani has had enough, as she responded on Twitter.

She also used her Instagram stories to attack all of the “clickbait” stories published by blogs and publications.

Kehlani’s Official Debut

Kehlani also discussed her coming out in the Byrdie interview.

Kehlani came out as a lesbian on TikTok and Instagram Live earlier this year. Her friends and family, according to the ‘Can I’ singer, were already aware that she was one and were waiting for her to recognize it.

“I’m like, Guys, I finally know I’m gay — like, I’m gay,” I say, and they say, “We know.” Stupid, stupid, stupid. She laughed and said, “Duh.”

The singer also stated that she believes it is more essential to concentrate on the process of coming out rather than the act itself.

Kehlani, who has described herself as queer, bisexual, and pansexual, said she wishes her path had been more about understanding how she loved and what she needed rather than focusing on the need to come out.

She talked about how her “straight and cisgender presenting” advantages had helped her find success in an interview with The Advocate before coming out as a lesbian.

She also did so without being influenced by “phobias of the American people and the rest of the world.”

“A lot of it has to do with how they present themselves. It’s more difficult for them. It’s more difficult for trans artists. It’s more difficult for Black gay males. “It’s more difficult for Black masculine gay women,” she said.

On Raising Her Daughter, Kehlani

The singer, who is known for talking openly about love and gayness, has also spoken up about raising her daughter.

Javie Young-White, the singer’s former partner and musician, is the father of her 2-year-old daughter Adeya.

She added that instead of worrying about the gender of the person her daughter might fall in love with in the future, she would focus on whether or not it was a nice person.

“Whether my daughter doesn’t have to go through a journey to learn she’s straight, then she doesn’t have to go through a journey to discover if she’s homosexual,” she continued.

The singer stated that her daughter would be raised by her lesbian aunts and uncles.

And she’d be taught to love rather than judge.