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Katie Ellis and Jason Ellis Discuss Their Special Relationship

Katie Ellis and Jason Ellis Discuss Their Special Relationship

Jason Ellis, a radio DJ, MMA fighter, former skateboarder, and podcaster, has a special bond with his wife, Katie Gilbert. He claims he enjoys talking about it in the hopes that by doing so, others would have the courage to be themselves. The two have been quite open about their marriage and sexuality.

In 2016, Ellis initially came out as bisexual. Because he had unpleasant experiences with two of his prior partners from long-term relationships after disclosing his sexuality to them, he had kept it a secret before.

Ellis made the decision to never discuss his sexuality again, especially with anyone he was dating, after that. He had to alter his perspective after meeting pansexual Gilbert, though.

In his book Still Awesome: The Trials and Tribulations of an Egotistical Maniac, Ellis confirmed in 2019 that he was bisexual and discussed his sexuality, marriage, and life. He took a lot of flak for discussing his relationships with other men in public after coming out.

Including Jason Ellis’ wife

Gilbert, Ellis’s wife, and they have been married for ten years. The radio personality proposed to his then-girlfriend with a tattoo that said “Marry Me?” on her leg after about six years of dating. Gilbert and Ellis exchanged vows in August 2017.

Gilbert and Ellis are honest about their sexual relationships and enjoy an open marriage. He previously disclosed that once he was sacked from SiriusXM, his wife opened an Onlyfans account to pay the rent.

Ellis was married to a different woman before dating Gilbert. During a March 2018 visit on the IMPULSIVE podcast, he disclosed that his first wife frequently beat him up.

Ellis revealed that his ex-wife, a stripper, used to become abusive with him whenever he returned home high since he was no longer permitted to smoke pot. In one instance, a member of the film crew overheard what his ex-wife had done to him and gave him the advice to break up with her.