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Kate Bilo’s Husband Pregnant? Death Threat, Kids’ Salary

Kate Bilo’s Husband Pregnant? Death Threat, Kids’ Salary

Kate Bilo is a meteorologist and bookworm. She’s CBS3’s chief meteorologist.

She’s worked for AccuWeather and Bloomberg TV. She guest-hosted CBS’ Emmy-nominated THE TALK.

Kate Bilo has two degrees

The 1986 Philadelphia native’s birthday is June 20.

She has bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and international business from Penn State and geosciences from Mississippi State.

Kate Bilo’s CBS3 salary

After graduating from Penn State, the aspiring meteorologist joined AccuWeather in 2004. She gave TV and radio forecasts for FOX News, CNBC, ABC News Now, and numerous local stations while at AccuWeather.

After six years with Accuweather, she became Bloomberg’s morning weather anchor in 2010.

CBS3’s chief meteorologist is pregnant Kate Bilo. (10 May 2017)

In October 2010, she joined CBS3 as Eyewitness News’ top meteorologist. She earns $77,592 as CBS3’s top meteorologist.

Kate Bilo’s husband?

Kate married software developer Scott Eby on August 31, 2007. In 2018, the pair celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary without any divorce or affair allegations.

Kate Bilo shares a photo from her wedding five years ago (Twitter, 2012).

Her family and love life are both happy. She has three children: Leo (2010), Anders (2012), and Solenne Marit Elisabeth (2017).

Kate Bilo Hospitalized After Giving Birth

Kate’s third pregnancy proved difficult.

A Lansdowne, Pennsylvania guy threatened to kill her months before she had her second child, Anders.

The creepy man was caught and given five years in prison.

Kate Bilo shares photos of her newborn daughter (Facebook, 2017).

Another difficulty emerged after Solenne’s 2017 birth. She pulled a muscle lifting her newborn.

When Advil didn’t help, she was hospitalized. Later, physicians discovered she had a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot that blocks numerous pulmonary arteries).

Kate is safe, alive, and healthy despite her struggles.