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Karli Harvey is a model and actress. Who Is Husband, What Is His Age, and What Is His Son’s Name?

Karli Harvey is a model and actress. Who Is Husband, What Is His Age, and What Is His Son’s Name?

Karli Harvey is the daughter of Steve Harvey, a talk show personality. She has been on her father’s talk program, Steve Harvey, which is hosted by Steve Harvey, a well-known American author, host, and comedian.

She has amassed a sizable social following while working as a fitness instructor, has over 180,000 Instagram followers alone.

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Karli Harvey’s Biography As She Grows Older

Every 20th of August, Karli Harvey, a famous hairstylist, public speaker, and entrepreneur, celebrates her birthday. She was born in the United States in 1982 to Steve and Marcia Harvey. She grew up with four siblings: twin sister Brandi Harvey, older sister Steve Harvey Jr., older stepsisters Wynton Harvey and Lori Harvey, and older stepsisters Wynton Harvey and Lori Harvey.

Karli, who is 36 years old and of American nationality, stands at a height of roughly 6 feet or less.

What a happy coincidence!

Karli’s son was born on the day she and her husband met for the first time.

In mid-June 2012, she met the love of her life, Benjamin Raymond, an entrepreneur, author, and mentor. The couple agreed to be in a relationship soon after meeting, and after two years of dating, he wanted to make her his forever.

So, after he got down on his knees in 2014, the couple got engaged. Similarly, the couple did not wait long to marry, as they married in the fall of 2015, only a year after their engagement.

Karli Harvey and her husband go down the aisle on their wedding day in a big-fat wedding. (Image courtesy of Karli’s Instagram account, September 2015)

Steven Harvey’s regular talk show broadcasted the wedding. On June 16, 2016, the couple welcomed their first child, a son called Benjamin Troy Raymond II, almost a year after their wedding.

Karli and her husband, Benjamin, have shown that the love they shared on their first encounter has not diminished in the least.

Karli Harvey’s net worth is unknown.

The amount of money a hairstylist earns varies depending on the size and quality of the project they are working on. As a result, the salary Karli earns for herself is unknown.

Her father, Steve Harvey, on the other hand, is estimated to have a net worth of around $160 million.