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Kanghua Ren, Behind The Bars For 15 Months| Kanghua Ren YouTube Career, Oreo Toothpaste Prank, & Wiki-bio!

Kanghua Ren, Behind The Bars For 15 Months| Kanghua Ren YouTube Career, Oreo Toothpaste Prank, & Wiki-bio!

Pranks are harmless and bring lots of laughs. However, like everything, pranks have their own limits too. What started out as harmless and humorous can quickly turn around. Kanghua Ren learned this the hard way. He is a prankster who is famous on YouTube. Nonetheless, he uploaded a video recording a prank that harmed the health of a homeless person.

What’s more shocking is, after his video, he was also known to make videos offering sandwiches with cat feces to elders and children. Know more about who this notorious YouTuber is and what are his consequences.

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Kanghua Ren in legal trouble?

Some pranks can get too far. As for Kanghua, he learned his lesson the hard way. For the opportunity to accumulate views, Kanghua played a prank on a homeless man. He offered him a packet of Oreo biscuits. What’s wrong you ask? Well, the prankster removed the cream from the biscuit and filled it with toothpaste.

Kanghua Ren Bio, Age, Family, Youtube, Toothpaste, Prank
Kanghua Ren YouTube toothpaste prank Source: YouTube

Moreover, upon eating the homeless man vomited after the unbearable taste of the cookie and toothpaste. Kanghua uploaded the video on his YouTube and sure enough, he received many negative comments and hate from the viewers.

However, this was just the starting. The YouTuber was later charged with a violation of moral integrity. Kanghua defended his action with “bad joke”. The authorities fined the prankster with $22,300 to the victim and 15 months in prison. We bet he won’t be pranking anyone after he returns from prison.

Kanghua Ren YouTube

The 21-year-old19 prankster started his YouTube channel in 2017 with the name “ReSet” which has over 1.2 million subscribers. Most of his content revolved around gameplays, pranks, reactions, humor, and vlogs.

Moreover, his most popular video must be “He CREADO UN HOMUNCULO (Real)” which has over 9.7 million views and another one is “A HAPPY FINAL WITH MY SENPAI” which has over 8.5 million views on YouTube.

Kanghua Ren Wiki Bio, Age, & Family

Kanghua was born in 1997, in China to a businessman. However, the YouTuber has not described anything about his parents. He celebrates his birthday on August 19, which makes his age 21. Moreover, Kanghua also has a sibling and three pet cats. He is of Spanish nationality and mixed ethnicity.

The prankster was pursuing his education from a Private University in Barcelona before getting he faced legal troubles for his prank.

He has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches tall and weighs around 65 kg. He has brown hair and eyes.