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Julien Solomita Net Worth – Income From YouTube And Merch

Julien Solomita Net Worth – Income From YouTube And Merch

Julien Solomita, a fantastic blogger and web-content creator, was born on April 17, 1992 and joined the YouTube community on December 8, 2012. He is currently dating Jenna Marbles, a YouTube star with more than 20 million subscribers.

Julien spent the most of his childhood in Los Angeles before becoming a YouTuber. He had a passion for basketball since he was a child, but he was unable to pursue it due to a spinal injury sustained in an accident. He acquired a job at a radio station after recovering, when he developed an interest in social media. Julien has become somewhat of a sensation after nearly a decade of devoting his life to video creation. So, let’s have a look at Julien Solomita’s net worth and income sources.

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YouTube Earnings & Net Worth

YouTube has altered the world in such a way that nothing will ever be the same again. It has given people the chance to make permanent changes in their lives. Many people have turned to YouTube as their primary source of income, and many more have made thousands of dollars from it. Julien Solomita, an underdog, is one of those titans. Julien has been able to maintain his high level of performance thus far, which may explain why he is still in the game.

Julien makes a good living from his YouTube channel. Getty Images is the source of this image. .

Julien began by writing and has since moved on to uploading cooking videos. He does, after all, make a lot of money from YouTube. With over 2.31 million subscribers and approximately 4.24 million views on his channel, he has undoubtedly earned a substantial quantity of money. Julien earns about $2.2K to $35.4K per month, and $26.5K to $424.5K per year, according to SocialBlade.

Julien and his fiancée have a YouTube show called Jenna Julien, which is simply named after them. The adorable couple also has their own gaming channel where they post all of their gaming footage. As a result, the duo has two channels that they run in tandem.

Julien maintains two YouTube channels with his partner Jenna. Pinterest is the source of this image.

Let’s start with Jenna Julien Games, who earns $481 to $7.7K per month and $5.8K to $92.3K per year thanks to their 224K followers and 15 million views. Julien must undoubtedly receive a portion of the money. Let’s go on to the Jenna Julien Podcast, where the lovebirds enjoy to speak about everything and everything. They started this channel because the two of them have great, strange, and occasionally inebriated talks that they recognized needed to be shared with the rest of the internet.

The Jenna Julien Podcast is hosted by Julien and his partner Jenna. Jenna Julien’s YouTube channel is the source of this image.

Jenna Julien Podcast, which has around 913K subscribers and 1.16 million+ views, earns $799 to $12.8K per month and $9.6K to $153.4K per year. We may safely assume that the earnings from both channels, as previously stated, must significantly increase Julien Solomita’s net worth. Jenna Marbles, his girlfriend, has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Earnings from Other Sources

Julien’s jiu-jitsu nerd status should come as no surprise to his admirers. As a result, he has established his own line of products in partnership with the Scramble. He has his own T-shirt line, which is made entirely of cotton and printed in the United Kingdom. His SCRAMBLE X JULIEN SOLOMITA – CLOUDS T-SHIRT will set you back around $32.31.

Julien’s fanny pack, which is constructed entirely of polyester, is his most popular item. To acquire this gorgeous purse, you’ll need $36.18. Visit Scramble’s official page for additional information on Julien merchandise.

Based on Julien Solomita’s many sources of income and earnings, we can easily estimate his net worth to be in the millions of dollars.

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