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Julian Morris’ fans think he’s gay

Julian Morris’ fans think he’s gay

Fans have long suspected that Julian Morris is gay, like many other musicians.

Morris became famous after Cry Wolf and is recognized for his appearances in Pretty Little Liars, Man in an Orange Shirt, and New Girl. One of his roles in the above works sparked LGBT speculations.

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It started onscreen

Morris’ best-known work is Man in an Orange Shirt. The miniseries follows Morris’ character, Adam Berryman, a gay man hiding his identity from his grandmother.

Morris told Iris Covet Book the film told an important story. His character was painful and moving.

Soon after the sitcom premiered, people began wondering if the actor was gay in real life.

Julian Morris?

In February 2020, @colinfarrall claimed to have proof Morris was dating another man. The tweet included two photos.

Morris and another man were outdoors, possibly hiking. Second photo: two males kissing. Morris’ face isn’t visible in the snap, so it’s impossible to know if it’s him.

Morris’ pal Landon Ross was in the photos. Morris and Ross’ frequent social media posts suggest they’re close.

Social media celebration

Morris and Ross tag each other in posts, and supporters celebrate their relationship in the comments.

Consider his Instagram post. The April 2, 2021 article featured photos of Morris at his Islington apartment enjoying the early sun. The last photo in the sequence featured Ross and a gorgeous window.

Ross’ Instagram is similar. Many of their Instagram photos highlight or tag the other.

Rumored Girlfriend

Several sites have speculated that Morris is dating Sarah Bolger. Most sites cited Instagram evidence.

Morris posted a photo of Bolger in woodland in 2014 on Instagram. She donned a warm black jacket.

The photo might signify anything, but the caption clarified things. Morris captioned Bolger “My gorgeous.”

Morris hasn’t verified either of the two partnerships to fans or reporters. The jury’s still out on “Is Julian Morris gay?”