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Facts of Jujimufu Jujimufu

Full Name: Jujimufu Jujimufu
Birth Date: December 9, 1985
Age: 38 years
Gender: Male
Profession: Weightlifter
Horoscope: Sagittarius
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Jujimufu became an acrobatics specialist with dedication to workout sessions and some hustle-and-bustle towards the muscle. The Alabama high schooler is a well-known weightlifter who gained notoriety after posting a video of himself lifting 100 pounds while performing chair splits.

Jujimufu was also a weightlifter on America’s Got Talents, where he gained national notoriety. On AGT, he demonstrated his talent by hoisting Heidi Klum above his head while doing the splits.

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Wife Steals Brigade Trainers!

Despite being an American weightlifter, Jujimufu is married and has shared virtually little about his spouse. According to his official website, the Alabama native’s favorite activities include organizing his thoughts into written papers and spending time with his wife.

On February 11, 2017, Jujimufu published a video of him executing a bed press with a woman on his Instagram story. Despite using the hashtags #marriage and #soulmate in the video, he was careful not to reveal anything about his wife.

On his official website, the Acrobolix founder also revealed that his wife had stolen a pair of his Brigade Trainers, prompting him to contact Tenaga Sports owner Brian to inquire about Brigade’s availability. Following this, Jujimufu and Tenaga Sports owner Brian decided to continue developing the Jujimufu pants.

He originally bought a pair of Brigade Trainers trousers from Tenaga Sports and was so pleased with them that he contacted Brian to have them upgraded. The Jujimufu pants are currently available in the market for $59.95.

Jujimufu’s Facts and Net Worth


Here are some fascinating facts about Jujimufu, an acrobatics specialist, that you may not be aware of, as well as his net worth.

With the help of the Internet, weightlifter Jon Call came up with the term ‘Jujimufu.’ He signed up for America Online when he was a kid and chose a unique screen name. He tried a few different letters and came up with the name ‘Jujimufu.’ On Web forums and message boards, he began to use his real name, and most people came to recognize him by his pseudonym.

During the summer, he goes outside three times a week for his training. During the winter, he stays away from Tricking and focuses on his bodybuilding. When he’s Tricking, he concentrates on bodybuilding, and his regimen allows him to train in a variety of ways.

Jujimufu’s net worth is derived from his professional weightlifting career in the United States. His YouTube channel is well-known, and as of December 2018, Socialblade estimates his monthly income to be $2.4K – $38.1K and his annual income to be $28.6K – $457.3K.

Bio Height is also a factor.

Jon Call, better known as Jujimufu, was born in Alabama in 1985. Every year on December 9th, he celebrates his birthday. The weightlifter began training in Taekwondo at the age of 13 in Alabama. Jujimufu demonstrated a strong desire to be fit and healthy, and with the aid of his family, he obtained his first gym membership in 1999.
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The Alabama high schooler stands 1.80 m (5 feet 11 inches) tall and weighs approximately 230 pounds. Jujimufu created Acrobolix, a combination of bodybuilding and acrobatics, with his training abilities. According to wiki, he began executing incredibly acrobatic feats in his garden, setting the groundwork for his future “Acrobolix” trademark.