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Jordan Cameron

Facts of Jordan Cravens Cameron

Full Name: Jordan Cravens Cameron
Birth Date: August 7, 1988
Age: 35 years
Gender: Male
Profession: Professional NFL Player
Country: US
Horoscope: Leo
Height: 6 feet 5 inches (1.96m)
DatingElin Nordegren
Net WorthUnder Review
SalaryUnder Review
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, US
EducationThe University of Southern California, Brigham Young University
FatherStan Cameron
MotherCathy (nee Cravens)
SiblingsTwo; Brynn And Colby Cameron
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Making the decision to become a professional is never easy. Yes, they are well compensated and receive a lot of attention, but many people overlook the fact that athletes are prone to injuries, which can lead to career-ending ailments.

Jordan Cameron, a star football player who retired early due to many concussions, experienced the same issue.

Jordan, a Los Angeles native, is a former professional football player who spent time in the National Football League (NFL).

Cameron, a talented tight end, was drafted by the Cleveland Browns and later signed with the Miami Dolphins.

However, he retired in 2016 after only five years in the NFL, before even setting a spectacular record. He’s been living a happy, injury-free life with his tiny family since then.

Apart from that, the footballer was famous for his friendship with NBA player Blake Griffin. Before Jordan became an NFL player, the two collaborated on a video in which Griffin praises Cameron.

Jordan Cameron’s Body Measurements, Age, and Height

Jordan did not take long to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, who were both sports fans.

Jordan is blessed with quickness and crisp movements as a result of his passion and involvement, even though he no longer plays.

Similarly, Jordan, the former footballer, was born on August 7, 1988, making him 32 years old. His birthdate falls under the zodiac sign of Leo, which is noted for its fiery attitude and personality.

Cameron was physically gifted in addition to his abilities. He is 6 feet 5 inches tall (196 cm) and weighs roughly 120 kilograms (265 lbs). He has a well-built body and developed reflexes as a result of years of training and running on the field.

Jordan Cameron, who is he? What country is he from?

Jordan Cravens Cameron is a retired football tight end who played in the National Football League (NFL). His family has been interested in athletics since he was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Not to add that his great-grandfather, grandfather, and father were all former professional athletes.

His great-grandfather, Archie Jones, was a professional track runner, and his grandfather, Jack Cravens, was a Houston Cougars basketball star.

Cravens’ father, on the other hand, was a professional basketball player in the late 1970s. Jordan Cameron, the son of Stan and Cathy Cameron, followed in his father’s footsteps and became interested in athletics.

Jordan’s siblings, Brynn and Colby, grew up loving sports as well and subsequently pursued a legitimate career in it. His sister, Brynn, was a member of the University of Southern California women’s basketball team, while his brother was an undrafted free agent in the NFL.

Aside from that, Brynn is well-known for being Jordan’s friend Blake Griffin’s ex-fiancée. Griffin’s two children, Ford and Finley, are hers as well.

When reports came that Griffin was dating model Kendall Jenner shortly after they broke up, the two had a spat. She filed a palimony case against Blake, accusing him of abandoning her and their children in order to date Jenner.

Griffin is said to have paid $258,000 a month in child support after that. Blake, on the other hand, refuted the assertion, claiming that the figure was incorrect.

Jordan, meanwhile, is an American national of a white ethnicity.

Cameron received his education at Newbury Park High School, where he also played football. Jordan struggled to get into the University of Southern California after graduation, which we shall cover later.

Contracts, Salary, and Income Estimation

Jordan Cameron, a professional footballer, is predicted to have a net worth of $7 million as of 2020. Despite the fact that he only played for a short period, Cameron put in a lot of effort and made a lot of money.

Cameron got a $2.5 million contract with Cleveland Browns in 2011 after being selected in the NFL Draft.

Similarly, his compensation was increased to $465,000 in 2012 from $375,000 the prior year. Jordan also inked a $15 million contract with the Miami Dolphins in 2015, which included a $1 million salary.

Jordan appeared to have a promising career ahead of him, but it was tragically cut short. Despite this, the former player enjoys a happy life with his family and friends.

Jordan Cameron’s Personal Life, Married Life, and Children

There isn’t much to say about Jordan’s personal life other that he is in a relationship. Cameron, 32, is currently seeing Elin Nordegren, the ex wife of golf legend Tiger Woods.

From 2004 through 2010, Elin was married to Woods and had two children, Charli, 11, and Sam, 12. In 2009, they divorced.

Few people were aware of the couple’s affair because they kept it a secret. However, evidence show that Jordan and Elin began dating shortly after Elin’s divorce from Tiger.

She officially ended her relationship with Woods after discovering his numerous indiscretions.

Aside from that, the couple has kept their romance private and away from the public eye. Aside from that, the couple welcomed their first kid in October of this year. They haven’t tied the knot, either.

Cameron also has a ten-year-old son, Tristan, from a previous relationship. Tristan’s mother has remained a mystery until now.

Cameron also stated after his retirement that he does not want Tristan to play football.

In an interview with ESPN in 2017, he expressed his wish that his son would not follow in his footsteps and recognizes the dangers of the sport at a young age.

“Let’s be honest about this. Football is the most popular sport in the world. That is something I truly believe. It’s the most challenging. Football is where you learn the most about yourself. It’s a difficult sport. You must be completely at ease with being uncomfortable.”

He went on to say that while Tristan enjoyed playing high school football, he did not want him to pursue a professional career as he did.

“I’m very aware of what goes on and the blows you absorb. Everything after high school becomes more serious, and I wouldn’t say it’s as much fun anymore.”

The couple and their children are currently residing in a gorgeous $49.5 million estate in Florida. Their home features a beautiful front and back yard.

Similarly, the house boasts a lovely pool and fireplace, as well as a soothing color scheme. They live in a fairly secluded location where they and their family have lots of privacy. Aside from that, they own a home in Los Angeles.

Jordan Cameron | High School and College Years

Jordan took football seriously since his entire family was into sports, including his younger brother, Colby, who was a promising football player.

Jordan made it onto the Newbury Park High School football team with the help of his family and determination. Cameron played incredibly well from the start, which could be due to his genes.

Cameron was named to the first team of the ‘All-Marmonte League’ as a junior as a result of this. He was named to the ‘Prep Star All-West team and the ‘All-Marmonte League first team during his senior year.

Jordan was a wide receiver in high school, scoring 12 touchdowns and catching 73 passes for 1022 yards.

Cameron turned down offers from numerous institutions, including Yale, Harvard, and USC, because he also played volleyball and basketball.

Cameron enrolled at Brigham Young University to try out for the college’s basketball team since he was more interested in basketball.

Coach Kyle Wittingham of Utah, on the other hand, saw Cameron’s potential as a football player rather than a basketball player and approached his family to persuade him.

Cameron accepted the offer from USC and promptly transferred to the USC football team after speaking with his family and was redshirted by the college team’s coach.

Jordan began playing wide receiver after his involvement, but due to credit-transfer complications at his previous college, he was forced to transfer to Ventura College.

Jordan didn’t play football that year as a result of it, and he’ll have to start over next year.

His comeback to the USC team was somewhat underwhelming, as he failed to make any catches. Jordan’s coach learned afterwards that he had more potential as a tight end than a wide receiver.

Cameron caught 16 passes for 126 yards and one touchdown in his final season as a result of this.

Jordan Cameron | National Football League (NFL) Professional Career

Jordan was selected to play in the East-West Shrine Game after a successful season and college graduation, when he wowed coaches from a variety of teams.

Jordan enhanced his chances during the NFL Combine, despite the fact that he was not in high demand. Cameron finished in the top three at the end of the drill.

Similarly, the Cleveland Browns selected him as the 102nd choice in the 2011 NFL Draft, as projected. Jordan continued to perform effectively for the next two years and was named to the Pro Bowl in December 2013.

Jordan Cameron of the National Football League

Jordan Cameron, number 84, was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2011.

Jordan joined the Miami Dolphins in 2015 and inked a $15 million contract with them. Unfortunately, his career did not take off as planned, and he was placed on injured reserve shortly after his arrival in November.

Jordan Cameron officially retired from the NFL on March 10, 2017, after suffering many concussions over the course of six seasons.

Cameron, of course, relished the opportunity to stop his illustrious football career as soon as he reached 28. With a heartfelt statement, he addressed the matter.

“I’d probably keep playing if I didn’t suffer concussions.” It’s just one of those situations. I’m not willing to put my mental health at risk in the future. I don’t have any symptoms right now, and I’m fine. But doctors can’t guarantee that if I keep playing and have additional concussions, I’ll be fine.”

In a 2017 interview with ESPN, Cameron went on to say,

“I’m not going to take that chance.” Nothing is more important than your health. To me, that’s simply not worth it.”

He also mentioned that he wished to prevent developing a mental illness or sadness. And he stated that he wished to be present for his family.

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Despite his early retirement, Cameron amassed a remarkable record of 173 catches for 2,046 yards and 14 touchdowns in only 66 games.

Stats | Jordan Cameron

Team Receiving


Total 66 173 300 2,046 11.8 81 14 2 0

Jordan Cameron | Presence on Social Media

Regrettably, the former footballer does not appear to be active on social media.

Jordan Cameron | Frequently Asked Questions

Jordan Cameron was at Glasgow Sheriff Court, wasn’t he?

No, police officials arrested a different person with the same name on two counts of housebreaking.

Was Jordan Cameron the Leicester Tigers’ captain?

Jordan did not lead the Leicester Tigers as captain. Cameron Jordan was the guy in question.

How much is Jordan Cameron worth?

The former NFL athlete has a $7 million net worth.

What does Jordan Cameron do for a living?

Cameron has previously worked as an NFL player. He is currently relaxing with his girlfriend and children in the couple’s $50 million Florida mansion.

Is Jordan Cameron still in love with Elin?

Yes, the couple hasn’t broken up yet.