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Jonathan Lemire, a reporter, and his wife, Carrie Melago, are both interested in journalism.

Jonathan Lemire, a reporter, and his wife, Carrie Melago, are both interested in journalism.

If it hadn’t been for Jonathan Lemire’s withering enthusiasm for journalism, he and his wife Carrie Melago might never have met, much less married. Lemire works for MSNBC and NBC News as a reporter and political analyst, while his partner works for Chalkbeat as the managing editor of local news.

They’ve been married for more than a decade and have two small sons.

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They met at a newsroom.

When Lemire and Melago were both working as reporters for the New York Daily News, they first met. They rapidly became good friends as a result of their mutual interest in journalism. Things progressed, and the two eventually fell in love.

They took their relationship to the next level after dating for a while.

The pair exchanged wedding vows in a small ceremony at the Oratory Church of St. Boniface in Brooklyn on September 27, 2008. Rev. Joel M. Warden, a Roman Catholic priest, conducted their wedding.

They have a good level of respect for their professions as well as an enduring affection for each other. For example, when Melago announced she was joining Chalkbeat as managing editor on February 13, 2018, her husband retweeted it with a kind “Proud of you.”

Are Proud Parents of Two Sons

The household of Lemire consists of two boys.

Despite the fact that Lemire and his wife are professionals at breaking news to a large audience, they keep their children a closely guarded secret. Aside from the fact that her older son was born in 2012, they have yet to reveal any information on either of their sons.

Melago, on the other hand, has spoken about her motherhood experience, particularly her first few months as a new mother. In May 2018, she wrote an essay for the Washington Post comparing her actual experience with the portrayal of motherhood problems in Netflix’s The Letdown.

On May 15, 2018, Lemire, as a supportive husband, tweeted about the article. He also expressed his admiration for his wife for being an excellent mother to their two sons.

The four-person family currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Their Career in Condensed Form

The couple not only has a happy marriage and a happy family, but they also have a good career. After graduating from Columbia University, Lemire began his career as a journalist. He worked as an intern at the New York Daily News in his early days.

He was afterward hired as a reporter. He worked for the news organization for more than a decade, covering major events like the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the 2012 presidential election, and City Hall.

In 2013, the Massachusetts native began working for The Associated Press as a White House reporter, a position he still holds. He also works for MSNBC and NBC News as a political analyst.

Melago, his wife, is a University of Maryland graduate who began her career as a reporter for the New Haven Register. She later worked for a short time at The Wall Street Journal before moving to the New York Daily News, where she spent nearly five years.

She joined Chalkbeat as managing editor in March 2018 after her career at the New York Daily News ended in 2018.