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Jonathan Cheban, the self-proclaimed “Foodgod,” has a growing net worth, and here’s why.

Jonathan Cheban, the self-proclaimed “Foodgod,” has a growing net worth, and here’s why.

After declaring himself a “Food god,” Jonathan Cheban has continued to increase his net worth.

Jonathan Cheban considers himself a foodie. After declaring himself the “Food God” three years ago, the “made superstar,” as some like to call him, saw significant growth in his net worth.

Cheban enjoys cuisine and dislikes being labeled as a food critic. The former publicist has come a long way from being Kim Kardashian’s best friend. Since 2011, Kardashian and Cheban have become best friends.

The Kardashian Family’s Friendship

Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kardashian’s family reality show, featured the entrepreneur several times.

Cheban thereafter appeared in a number of the show’s spinoffs. A few years ago, he legally changed his name to Food god.

Cheban and the mother of four are not comparable. The former graduated from Hofstra University with a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Cheban apparently met the SKIMS founder for the first time at a mutual friend’s birthday celebration, when he was seated next to her. After that, the rest is history.

Cheban has no professional culinary experience, but it doesn’t seem to matter just now. This Instagram celebrity’s fame can be gauged by the fact that he has more than 3 million followers on the photo-sharing platform.

What is Food god Jonathan Cheban’s net worth?

The Food god is currently valued at $9 million. Despite the fact that it is a far cry from Kardashian’s staggering $780 million, the sum is staggering.

Cheban’s net worth isn’t as high as his renowned BFF’s, but it’s still amazing. Each appearance fee might cost up to $30,000, according to the reality TV personality.

Several people believe that the owner of KKW Beauty is to blame for her friend’s celebrity in Hollywood, but they are mistaken.

Even before he befriended Kardashian, the social media star had amassed a sizable fortune. In 2010, Cheban launched his own reality TV show, The Spin Crowd.

In 2016, he received a compensation of roughly $400,000 for appearing on the popular reality show Celebrity Big Brother. However, he only lasted six episodes before being voted out by the audience.

By agreeing to support BurgerIM, he also secured a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal.

Sushi Mikasa, which he founded in 2012, is also owned by a 47-year-old. This was the beginning of his career in the restaurant industry, and he quickly established Burger Bandit, a burger chain in New York.

Cheban also owns Sushi Couture on Miami’s South Beach, which he co-owns with the chef of Sushi Mikasa. All of these business activities have undoubtedly increased his net worth.

Jonathan Cheban is clearly a shrewd businessman who has amassed a sizable fortune from his appearances on television as well as his various other ventures, which range from HD mirrors to smartphone covers.

He also manages The Dish, a website that provides information on culinary recipes and the newest cooking trends.