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Johnson Kristine Life With Husband! Family, ethnicity, and wage statistics

Johnson Kristine Life With Husband! Family, ethnicity, and wage statistics

Kristine Johnson, a Filipino-American media legend, is one of the fortunate women whose spouse has held her hand in support for a long time. Why would the husband let go in the first place? As long as she exudes the same youthful charm as she did when he first met her.

The Los Angeles native currently co-hosts WCBS-5 TV’s p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts in New York City. She’s also a fill-in anchor for CBS This Morning and files reports for CBS Sunday Morning on occasion.

Kristine was born on May 31, 1972, at Clark Air Force Base in Pampanga, Philippines. Her ethnicity is Filipino-American. She was born in the Philippines to a Filipina mother and a Swedish-American father. She is accompanied by her family’s younger sibling.

Kristine Johnson’s Professional Life

Kristine began her career in 1994 as a reporter and anchor for WPRI TV.

She eventually joined MSNBC/NBC as an anchor of Early Today and First Look in 2005.

Kristine later joined WCBS-TV in November 2006. Kristine has covered various breaking news events throughout her time at the station, including Hurricane Sandy, the Newtown school massacre, the Boston marathon bombings, and two consecutive Pope visits to New York.

In 2008, the fastidious anchor received two Emmy awards for best newscasts. When it comes to money, she earns more than $70,000 every year. Her impressive pay contributes to her projected net worth of $4 million.

Johnson earned a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from the University of Nebraska, along with minors in political science, history, and English.

Aside from her job, the mother of two has been enjoying her happy marriage for the past two decades.

Kristine Johnson’s Happy Married Life; Husband Celebrates 22nd Anniversary

Kristine joins the ranks of those who have an ever-expanding relationship with her husband, Steve Johnson. They married in 1996 and celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary in August of this year.

The couple also has two children, a daughter named Ava who was born in May 2002 and a son named Burke who was born in March 2007. Kristine finds it difficult to spend meaningful time with her family because she works from 4 to 11 p.m.

She has, however, been able to balance her time with her family, thanks to her loving spouse. Because the news anchor doesn’t get home until after midnight, she sleeps for fewer than 5 hours and has to get up early to get her kids ready for school. It’s no surprise that mothers are referred to as “superwomen.”

Kristine also enjoys feasts and holidays, since she prefers to spend her free time with her family traveling to various exotic locations. She also makes it a point to share a glimpse of her quality time with her fans.

Kristine Johnson stands with her husband and children in front of a Christmas tree in December 2017 (photo courtesy of Kristine Johnson’s Instagram).

Kristine also attended an NFL game with her family at MetLife Stadium in late December 2017. She currently resides in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, with her family.

Do you want to have Kristina’s youthful appearance? Build Your Muscles!

To uncover Kristina’s secret to looking lovely and young at 46, one must be dedicated to meticulously sorting out her daily regimen. It may appear miraculous that she has managed to keep her figure in shape despite her hectic lifestyle. However, it all boils down to consistent exercise. Isn’t it obvious?

Exercise, not a magic spell, is the credo of the busy working lady who wants to look young forever. She even practices yoga to provide serenity and calm to her mind and body. Her Instagram is littered with photographs of her doing out, and it turns out she is connected to a number of fitness enthusiasts.

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