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John Madden’s Wife Virginia Fields Since 1959, What Could Be The Secret Behind Their Long Marriage?

John Madden’s Wife Virginia Fields Since 1959, What Could Be The Secret Behind Their Long Marriage?

John Madden is a former football player as well as a video game mogul. Madden also served as the head coach of the NFL and served as a color commentator on NFL telecasts. To honor his decades as a football coach, he was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In addition, John Madden made cameo appearances in films such as Christine, Little Giants, and The Replacements.

Madden is well-known for his devotion to his only wife, Virginia Fields, in addition to being a brilliant football coach. So, what are the possible factors for John Madden’s great marriage life? Here’s where you can learn about them all.

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Since 1959, John Madden has been married.

When John Madden was an undergraduate, he met his girlfriend Virginia for the first time in school, according to him. His wife Virginia, on the other hand, claims that they met in a Pismo Beach pub. They didn’t hang out in bars or anything. They might never have met if the current husband-and-wife team hadn’t been present on that fateful day.

Despite the fact that Virginia and John both have a distinct account of their first meeting, it didn’t seem to matter. The two fell in love and hung together for a few months, perhaps until Christmas of 1959, to be precise.

In 1959, John Madden married Virginia Fields. NFL/Twitter. Image credit: NFL/Twitter.

On the day following Christmas in 1959, former coach John Madden married his then-inamorata, Virginia Field. Their wedding ceremony took held in Santa Maria’s St. Mary of the Assumption Church.

According to the New York Times, the bride wore a stunning gown to the wedding nuptials of John and Virginia. It featured imported Chantilly lace over Deep Lustre ivory satin with a Sabrina neckline trimmed in pearls.

Furthermore, former NFL and USC coach John Robinson served as John’s best man on his wedding day. Dick Nolan, Kermit McKenzie, and Clarence Minetti of Guadalupe were also in attendance.

The Untold Story of a Madden Couple’s Long Marriage

Celebrity marriages frequently end in divorce. Despite the fact that many others have failed, John Madden and Virginia Fields, aka Virginia Madden, have stood the test of time. Obviously, John, like many other renowned people, had a hectic schedule during and after his sporting career. But it won’t affect his love life because he and his wife are well-versed in dealing with adversity.

The key reason for John and Virginia’s lengthy marriage is clearly their mutual understanding of one another. The pair has been together for so long that they can communicate effectively just by looking at each other. Their expressions are expressive enough that they can help each other grasp what they’re trying to say.

Furthermore, Virginia Madden, John Madden’s wife, is the axis around which the Madden household revolves. She is responsible for all of John’s and the Madden family’s fundamental needs. Aside from a few antiques, Virginia has safely stored one of John’s most important gifts from friends, a highway YIELD sign. Three-time All-America linebacker Ted Hendricks gave it to John when he retired.

Furthermore, due to his sporting profession, John used to be away from his family for the best part of a year every year. Virginia had to adjust to only seeing her spouse over the holidays. The distance, on the other hand, had no effect on their marriage. John Madden’s wife had a solid understanding of her husband’s hectic schedule. Most importantly, the husband-and-wife team had complete faith in one another.

All of the factors described above had a significant influence in John and Virginia’s happy and long marriage. The couple is now in their 80s, and their marriage has spanned six decades, but their love for one another remains unchanged.

Children of John Madden and Virginia Fields

As previously stated, John and Virginia have been together since 1959. The Maddens are the proud parents of two outstanding sons, Michael Madden and Joseph Madden, after more than half a century of marriage. Furthermore, they are the grandparents of five children born to their sons.

John Madden and his wife Virginia have two boys together. Joe Madden’s Facebook page is the source of this image.

In 1964, John Madden’s wife, Virginia, gave birth to their first child, Michael, who became known as Mike. In 1966, they welcomed their second son, Joseph, also known as Joe. Both Madden families are close and see each other frequently during holidays and other important occasions.

Many people find it difficult to maintain a marriage for many years. John Madden and his long-time wife Virginia Madden, on the other hand, demonstrated that living together for decades is possible. They also created proof that a long-term relationship is achievable when both couples have mutual understanding, love, and trust.