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John Cusack: Is He Gay? Here are his comments about relationships.

John Cusack: Is He Gay? Here are his comments about relationships.

John Cusack, who gained fame with the coming-of-age movie Say Anything in 1989, is single.

Most famous people wouldn’t have given it much of a second thought, but when you are a 1960s actor with nearly 90 acting credits under your belt, people start to wonder things like:

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John Cusack: Is He Gay?

In a 2009 interview with Elle Magazine, Cusack was asked to briefly explain why he has never wed in no more than five words. In response, he said,

That explanation was mostly consistent with what he previously told The Guardian in 2000. He was unmarried and 34 years old at the time. When asked if he had girlfriends, he answered truthfully, “Sure.”

He’s dated a few well-known celebrities, such as Jennifer Love Hewitt and Uma Thurman.

He confidently responded that he had never been gay when the publication directly questioned him if he was gay. Even still, he insisted that Gladiator was a film about suppressed homosexuality. But that deviates from the subject.

Therefore, why is John Cusack single?

Cusack clarified that he was not very interested in the idea of settling down when the journalist pressed him more on the marriage subject. He rebutted,

The actor confirmed that it was a difficult answer to understand and that it was understandable. Cusack was even said to be trying to avoid the scenario entirely because the interviewer thought he fell in love quite easily.

However, the actor also refuted that. He acknowledged that up to that point in his life, he had only experienced love “maybe two or three times.” He also didn’t break up with relationships. He claimed that all of his splits up to this point had been amicable.

To put it mildly, the solution to this question is complex as one might anticipate.

John Cusack Desires to Have Children

Cusack hasn’t quite given up on the prospect of having a family, either. Cusack revealed that he does want children of his own someday as the interview with The Guardian progressed.

If he could only find someone with whom he could spend enough time to see the children through to adulthood. He acknowledged that he may have been overthinking things and that he ought to quit.

But, isn’t it also complicated, he said.

The publication did an excellent job of summarizing Cutsack’s viewpoint on relationships in general and marriage in particular. Like any other individual, he has his sights set on having children and finding love. He wanted to be as successful as his parents.

In the end, he just wants to be in the easy business of being himself.