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Joey Armstrong, Billie Joe Armstrong’s Son Was Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Joey Armstrong, Billie Joe Armstrong’s Son Was Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Joey Armstrong, the son of Billie Joe Armstrong and the frontman of the rock band Green Day, was born Joseph Marciano Armstrong. Joey has created a reputation for himself in the music world, in addition to being the son of a great artist. He is well known as the drummer for the band SWMRS.

Joey Armstrong made news a year ago when he was accused of sexual assault. He’s gotten a lot of media and public attention since then. Many people are interested in learning more about his personal and professional life, as well as the specifics of the sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him.

So, let’s take a closer look at the life of Joey Armstrong, one of the Armstrong kids who is currently working hard to improve his musical abilities.

Adrienne Armstrong is Billie Joe Armstrong’s eldest child.

Joey Armstrong is the first child of Billie Joe Armstrong, the drummer for Green Day, and his cherished wife, Adrienne Armstrong. Joey Armstrong was born to the Armstrongs on February 28, 1995, in Oakland, California.

Joey Armstrong is Billie Joe Armstrong’s eldest son and Adrienne Armstrong’s wife. Adrienne’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Billie Joe and Adrienne Armstrong, Joey Armstrong’s parents, married in secret in their backyard on July 2, 1994. They discovered out they were pregnant with their first child barely a day after their wedding, according to the wonderful couple.

Joey was also blessed with a sibling, Jakob Danger Armstrong, a few years after his birth. With his arrival on September 12, 1998, his younger brother, Jakob, completed the Armstrong family.

In the Music Industry, He Is Following In His Father’s Footsteps

Billie Joe Armstrong’s son, Joey Armstrong, is carrying on his father’s legacy, as are many celebrity children around the world. Joey was raised in a musical milieu and inherited his rockstar father’s talents. He is currently building a name for himself in the American music scene, mostly as a drummer for the band SWMRS.

According to Joey Armstrong’s official website, he and his friend Cole Becker established Emily’s Army in 2008. Cole’s brother, Max Becker, joined the band as a bassist soon after it was formed. They changed their name to The Raining Souls and then The Clocks after that.

Joey and his band members, however, renamed their band Emily’s Army in honor of Cole and Max’s cousin, who suffers from cystic fibrosis.

In 2008, Joey Armstrong and his bandmates posted their first batch of songs on MySpace under the name This Kid. They released two EPs, Regan MacNeil and Broadcast This, after adding lead guitarist Travis Neumann to the band.

Later, in the winter of 2010, while preparing to release their debut album Don’t Be a Dick, Joey’s band cooperated with his father, Billie Joe Armstrong. Then, in 2013, Emily’s Army teamed up with Billie to record Lost at Seventeen, their second studio album. Armstrong’s family record labels Adeline Records and Rise Records issued both albums.

Joey and his band changed their name to Swimmers after releasing their last release, the EP Swim, in July 2014 under the moniker Emily’s Army. In 2015, they opted on the name SWMRS for their band. Joey and his SWMRS band have released a lot of singles and albums since then. They also go on tour across the United States and perform alongside a variety of other musicians.

He’s collaborated on a few music projects with his father.

Joey Armstrong, as previously said, collaborates with a variety of musicians, including his famous father, Billie Joe Armstrong. In 2011, he contributed to the self-titled EP by his family band The Boo. Joey played drums, while his mother, Adrienne, sang and his father and brother played guitar and bass, respectively.

Similarly, in 2020, Joey Armstrong performed a version of one of Tommy James and the Shondells’ tracks with his brother and father. In an episode of James Corden’s Late Late Show, the Armstrong brothers performed “I Think We’re Alone Now.” The cover was created in a small studio inside the Armstrongs’ home, where they were living during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aside from that, Joey Armstrong has collaborated on other music projects alongside his father and brother. In the following days, we expect to see them play together on the same stage as well.

He was accused of sexual misconduct by Lydia Night.

Lydia Night, the frontwoman of the Los Angeles-based band The Regrettes, accused Billie Joe Armstrong’s son, Joey Armstrong, of emotional abuse and sexual coercion in July 2020. She shared her tale with the world through an Instagram post.

Armstrong approached her on Instagram in May 2017, when he was 22 and she was 16, according to Joey Armstrong’s ex-girlfriend, Night. She claimed she and Joey began a year-long relationship after receiving the chance to tour with the band. Armstrong, on the other hand, advised her to keep it a secret from her parents. Night also stated that Joey pushed her to move sexually faster than she was used to.

Joey Armstrong later responded to Lydia Night’s relationship revelation with a message on his band’s Instagram account. He stated that he disagrees with some of Night’s remarks regarding him. He believes, however, that she should be permitted to say things and that she should be encouraged for doing so.

Joey went on to say that he respects Night and acknowledges that he failed her as a partner and mistreated her during their time together. He also said that he had privately apologized to Night and hoped that she might forgive him anytime she wanted.

Finally, Joey admitted his sins and promised his admirers that he would work hard to earn back their trust. Joey hasn’t spoken about his love life since then, so it’s unclear if he’s dating anyone.

Lydia Night and Joey Armstrong, hopefully, have reached an agreement. Billie Joe Armstrong’s son may have learned from his mistakes and is attempting to become a better person. Let’s hope we don’t hear any more complaints from Joey Armstrong’s associates in the coming days.

Joseph Marciano Armstrong is a name with a meaning.

Joseph is a name from the Hebrew language that means “he shall add.” Marciano, on the other hand, is a French name that means “little warrior.”

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