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Joe Bonamassa’s breakup with ex-girlfriend Sandi Thom resulted in the release of an emotional album.

Joe Bonamassa’s breakup with ex-girlfriend Sandi Thom resulted in the release of an emotional album.

Joseph Leonard Bonamassa or Joe Bonamassa, a blues-rock guitarist, unknowingly inspired his ex-lover Sandi Thom’s sad song “Earthquake.”

The Scottish singer-songwriter was emotionally tired and distraught after the couple split up. After the pair had split up, Thom composed the song.

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An Emotional Disaster’s Aftermath

The best-selling multi-platinum album After finding that her ex-partner Bonamassa had left her and moved out, Thom released her single “Earthquake” in November 2015. She dedicated the song to anyone who has just experienced heartbreak.

The Scottish singer claimed in an interview with Essentially Pop in November 2015, just weeks before the album’s release, that her split from Bonamassa destroyed her and made her feel like an earthquake had struck her. The couple has been together for nearly five years.

Thom’s breakup with her guitarist lover came as a shock and left her feeling alone. She spoke openly about Bonamassa’s decision to move out of their house when she was on vacation in Peru with her family.

After the musician couple’s romance ended, Thom felt that she was left behind in the midst of an emotional calamity, with no one to help her rebuild her life. She wrote the song based on her own experience in order to reach out to those who have been along the same path.

‘Destructive Weapons of the Past’

Weapons of Past Destruction, Thom’s entire album, was dedicated to her time with Bonamassa. The singer revealed that recording each song on the album was therapeutic for her since it allowed her to let go of her past one piece at a time.

After finishing the album, she transitioned from her helpless situation to a fresh beginning as a confident lady.

After the album’s release, the ‘Look-Up’ singer regained her sense of humor, grin, and happiness.

In the same interview with Essentially Pop, Thom mentioned that ‘Earthquake,’ ‘Look Up,’ and ‘Ghosts,’ which are about war, death, destruction, fury, courage, hope, and moving forward in life,’ were some of her personal favorites on the album.

Later, Thom admitted to Mirror that the record was significant since it reflected a significant transformation in her life following Bonamassa’s departure.

The two have finally moved on with their lives after hitting rock bottom in 2015. While the amazing guitarist Bonamassa is currently unmarried, Thom is married to her husband, Matt Benson, and they have a son together.