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Jimmy Houston’s Wife Chris Houston Is A Legend In Her Own Self

Jimmy Houston’s Wife Chris Houston Is A Legend In Her Own Self

Jimmy Houston is a well-known name in the fishing world. He is regarded as one of the all-time great bass fishermen and a true ambassador of the sport. Houston is the host of Jimmy Houston Outdoors on the Outdoor Life Network, where he is a fifteen-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier and two-time Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year. He is also a co-founder of the TH3 Legends company, which he co-founded with Bill Dance and Roland Martin, two other great fishermen.

Jimmy, a professional angler and TV broadcaster, is a family man. He is married to Chris Houston, who was born in Northwestern Oklahoma. You might be shocked to learn that Chris Houston, Jimmy Houston’s wife, is known for more than just being Mrs. Houston. She is, in fact, a legend in her own right. Please familiarize yourself with Chris Houston and learn why she is considered one of the fishing legends.

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The Bass Fishing Hall Of Famer’s Wife Is Jimmy Houston

Chris Houston, sometimes known as Christine, is Jimmy Houston’s attractive wife and a skilled fisherwoman, just like her star husband. She began fishing as a child on the banks of the Illinois River in Northwestern Oklahoma, and she has competed in various fishing tournaments near her home.

Chris Houston, Jimmy Houston’s wife, began fishing professionally in the early 1960s, when bass fishing was still in its infancy. She competed in a number of bass fishing contests, winning a number of titles and prizes. Chris came in third place at the Oklahoma State Championship on Lake Tenkiller. Similarly, she won the Women’s division of the 1968 World Series of Sport Fishing on Lake Texoma.

Jimmy Houston’s wife, Chris Houston, was also instrumental in the formation of the Tulsa Bass Belles, the first all-female bass club. She received the title of ‘Miss Bass Belle’ multiple times while fishing with the club at a time when it was unusual for women to go out fishing on a boat. For many years in the late 1970s, Mrs. Houston ruled the Bass’n Gal tour. She was named Angler of the Year seven times and won the Bass’n Gal Classic three times.

Furthermore, Chris Houston competed in every Bass Pro Shops’ ‘Legend of Fishing’ contest. She was the first female to be inducted into the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in 1987. She retired from professional fishing once the Bass’n Gal circuit was terminated. She does, however, continue to fish and frequently joins her husband on his Jimmy Houston Outdoors television show and other related ventures.

Chris and Jimmy first met in high school.

Chris Houston, the lady angeling pioneer, met her sweetheart, Jimmy, when they were both in high school. Jimmy was Chris’s senior when she met her future husband, and their encounter changed their lives. They became closer as a result of participating in several fishing competitions together, which led to their marriage.

Chris Houston and Jimmy Houston have been married for over half a century, and their love for one other is as strong as ever. They’ve competed in a number of fishing events together and have won a number of awards and championships. Chris and Jimmy are known as the “First Family of Fishing” in America. The happily married couple has qualified for and fished in nearly 40 Bassmaster Classics, FLW championships, and Bass N Gal Classics together. Chris and Jimmy, the husband-and-wife team, have also won over a million dollars in prize money.

Jimmy Houston and his devoted wife, Chris Houston, own Twin Eagles, a recreational ranch in Southern Oklahoma. In 2003, they bought the ranch, which has since grown to roughly 2000 acres of outdoor pleasure. Their small slice of heaven in the Arbuckle Mountain Red River Valley offers world-class fishing as well as habitat for deer, elk, hogs, and a plethora of ducks. In their Twin Eagles ranch, you can get some of the tastiest pecans you’ve ever had.

Mother of Two Adult Children

Chris Houston, Jimmy Houston’s wife, had two grown children with her husband of over fifty years. They have a daughter, Sherri Houston, and a son, Jamie Houston, who, like their parents, are professional fishers.

In addition, Chris Houston and her partner, Jimmy Houston, have a few grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Chris Houston’s family enjoys working on their huge farm together, cleaning, mowing, watering, and fertilizing their farm animals, as well as fishing in their spare time.

Chris and Jimmy Houston, one of Oklahoma’s most inspiring couples, currently reside in Southern Oklahoma.

Chris Houston is a household name, and the Houstons are enjoying their retirement. Jimmy, on the other hand, revealed that his wife is not doing well following a stroke she suffered on Monday evening following Easter.

Chris’s husband went on to say that she had not yet regained consciousness. Jimmy expressed his anguish over the news on his YouTube page. Jimmy, sitting in his car with his dark spectacles on, appeared to be bracing for the worst.

Jimmy also revealed that his wife had been evacuated to Oklahoma, and that he had arrived at 4:30 a.m. Unfortunately, he appeared and felt hopeless, but he also recognizes God’s goodness. He also requested that his 93.5 thousand subscribers remember Chris in their prayers.

Jimmy’s children, in the meantime, are constantly updating the Facebook page. Let’s hope Chris Houston, the hustler, gets back on his feet as quickly as possible.

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