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Jimmy Houston’s Daughter Sherri Houston-Combs Is Also A Professional Angler

Jimmy Houston’s Daughter Sherri Houston-Combs Is Also A Professional Angler

Jimmy Houston is one of fishing’s most well-known and respected figures. Jimmy, an American professional angler and TV broadcaster from San Marcos, Texas, is recognized for his distinct giggles and fishing methods. Houston now has his own television show, Jimmy Houston Outdoors, which airs on the Outdoor Life Network. Fans of Houston’s show can also watch it on his YouTube account. Jimmy Houston is also a co-founder of Th3 Legends, an outdoor firm he created with his buddies Bill Dance and Roland Martin.

Jimmy Houston, the two-time Bass Anglers Sportsman Society Angler of the Year, is a family man with a wonderful wife, Chris, and two talented children. In this article, you will learn about Jimmy Houston’s daughter, Sherri Houston-Combs, who is also a professional fisherman in the Houston family business. Also, be aware of her professional and personal successes.

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Sherri Houston is stepping out from under her parents’ shadow.

Sherri Houston, Jimmy Houston’s daughter, grew up watching her parents, Jimmy and Chris, fish on a bass boat at several lakes near their home. She fished with her mother and father in the boat before competing in multiple tournaments. Sherri picked up fishing tips and tricks from her skilled fishing parents, and she’s now outgrowing their shadows as professional fishers.

Jimmy Houston, Sherri Houston’s pro angler father, taught her how to fish. Image courtesy of Jimmy Houston Outdoors on Facebook.

Sherri’s mother, Chris Houston, was one of several opponents who competed against her in fishing events. The first time Jimmy Houston’s daughter, Sherri, competed against her mother was in the Bass’n Gal Classic, a women’s bass fishing tournament. Sherri came in 17th place, and her mother, Chris, came in fifth. She placed 22nd and Chris 10th in a shootout at the Lake Tenkiller Bass’n Gals event in spring 1989.

On the Bass’n Gal Trail, the lovely daughter of Jimmy Houston has finished ahead of her mother more than five times in a couple of seasons. The mother-daughter combination, on the other hand, never competed for the same position in the standings. Sherri and her mother, Chris, are now actively aiding Jimmy Houston on his program and other business projects after the Bass’n Gal tour was canceled.

Jimmy Houston’s and Chris Houston’s only child

Sherri Houston-Combs is the only daughter of Jimmy and Chris Houston, two of America’s finest bass fishing pros. Sherri, the Houston couple’s daughter, was born in the late 1950s. She graduated from Keys Public School in 1978 after finishing elementary school. Sherri then enrolled at Tahlequah High School in 1979 and graduated in 1982. In 1983, Sherri Houston-Combs, Jimmy Houston’s daughter, earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Marketing, and Management from Northwestern State University.

Sherri Houston has a brother named Jamie Houston, who, like her and her parents, enjoys fishing. On his TV show Jimmy Houston Outdoors, her brother frequently appears with his father, Jimmy Houston, surfing and fishing around the lake. Sherri and Jamie have a terrific brother-sister relationship behind the camera, despite the fact that they rarely appear together in public.

Lake Tenkiller Nutrition’s Owner And Operator

Sherri Houston-Comb, Jimmy Houston’s daughter, started Tenkiller Nutrition, a health and wellness products provider in Park Hill, Oklahoma, in 2018. Herbalife Independent Distributor is how she now runs it. Herbalife offers low-cost health and wellness items such as vitamins and supplements, smoothies, and juice bars.

Sherri is also a licensed agent at Century 21 Wright Real Estate, where she has worked since 2010. She also works for her father’s TV show, Jimmy Houston Outdoors, as a manager and bookkeeper. Since 1976, she has been supporting Jimmy in the management of his show. Sherri, the health and wellness specialist, works in the accounting, marketing, and sales departments of an energy drink firm called All-Day Energy and Extreme Energy. Jimmy Houston Travel, a full-service travel agency founded by her father, Jimmy Houston, is also her manager and agent.

I’m happily married and a proud mother.

Sherri Houston, the multi-talented daughter of angler Jimmy Houston, is married to Johnny Flores. She has two married sons and three grandchildren with her husband, Johnny. Sherri also has two stepchildren and a stepdaughter.

Sherri Houston Flores’ children and grandchildren frequently pay her visits throughout the holidays. They also like fishing and working on the farm with their parents and grandparents. Sherri now lives in Cookson Hills with her family, continuing her work and fishing in her spare time.

Sherri Houston is a name with a lot of meaning.

Sherri is a girl’s name derived from the French word ‘Cheri,’ which meaning ‘beloved one.’

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