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Jill Scott began her weight-loss journey after becoming a mother.

Jill Scott began her weight-loss journey after becoming a mother.

Jill Scott’s life was transformed in more ways than one when she welcomed a boy into the world. She not only fell in love with her baby boy, but she also let the pounds fall off her—she shed 63 pounds in no time.

Following her weight loss, the singer sat down with Us Weekly to discuss what motivated her to reduce so much weight and how she did it. In roughly two years, she went from 263 pounds to 200 pounds.

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Amazing Weight Loss by Jill Scott

Scott added that before she slimmed down, she wasn’t in the best of health. She was so out of shape that she could run out of breath after only one flight of stairs. “I’ll never be a stick figure,” the singer of “The Light of the Sun” guaranteed, despite his incredible weight loss.

She went on to talk about what got her started on her weight loss journey, and the doting mother ascribed her weight loss drive to her then-newborn son, Jett. “She said,” she explained.

Jill Scott Greeted Her Son

On April 20, 2009, the singer and her ex-fiancé, percussionist Lil John Roberts, welcomed their first child. The infant weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces when he was delivered.

She has improved her lifestyle with the birth of her child. Her daily diet included three low-fat meals and two snacks. What better way to burn off some of those calories than at the gym? That is exactly what she did in the end.

Three times a week, she did 60-minute aerobic and strength-training sessions with Los Angeles-based professional trainer Scott Parker.

Her fitness program also included kickboxing, boxing, and – her personal favorite — outdoor biking, which she did with Jett. She even told supporters that she and her trainer had a good time performing the routine.

Motherhood was once thought to be a hopeless cause.

Despite the fact that her lovely baby son provided her so much joy, she reportedly told Essence that she had given up hope of ever being a mother. She stated at the time,

She discovered she was pregnant by chance when she noticed she had gained seven pounds in just seven days. She was set to fly to Botswana to shoot her new television show.

She truly believed there was something wrong with her, but she found out she was pregnant shortly before she departed for Africa.

She told Essence that she kept her pregnancy a secret for the first six months of her pregnancy. Because she was a high-risk pregnancy candidate at her age (37 at the time). She wanted to make sure everything was in order before announcing the news to the rest of the world.

“It was enough for me that my closest friends and family knew,” she added.

When she arrived at a press event for the Television Critics Association convention in Los Angeles in January 2009, she simply mentioned that she was pregnant.