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Jhene Aiko’s decision to cover her Big Sean tattoo wasn’t intended as a relationship indicator.

Jhene Aiko’s decision to cover her Big Sean tattoo wasn’t intended as a relationship indicator.

The singer loudly and proudly declared that she and the rapper were in love by getting a tattoo of Big Sean on her body. Consequently, when she covered up the tattoo a little over a year into their relationship, it ignited the internet. The cover-up tattoo sparked rumors among fans and media outlets that Aiko and the rapper were having a rough time, if not breaking up. Thankfully, the pair is still much in love, and they frequently post about it on social media.

Big Sean’s tattoo on Jhene Aiko

Just a few days after Dot Da and Aiko’s divorce was confirmed in 2017, Aiko got her first tattoo of her boyfriend’s face on her tricep. Sean was depicted by the artist with a somber expression and wearing a traditional black bowtie.

The world understood that their relationship was designed to last without a single word being spoken. The I Decided rapper, however, was noticeably missing from his girlfriend’s tricep by 2019.

Aiko posted a photo of her back being tattooed in May 2019 along with the remark, “Realizing ALL things are transient, I revel in this time.”

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko unfollowed each other on Twitter.

She had also stopped following Sean on social media at about the same time. Fans naturally started to ask questions. As soon as she saw the speculators approaching, she clapped back and said that the tattoo was merely intended to obscure the moon phases and the rising sun on her back. Added she,

She hinted that she had not hidden her beau’s face from view with her arms. Later that year, however, viewers observed that Big Sean’s tattoo had vanished and been replaced by a big dragon tattoo.

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko: Did They Split Up?

The same issue has troubled the audience once more: Did Big Sean and Jhene Aiko break up?

Aiko stated that she still respected Jesus and the Buddha even if she had covered up her tattoo of the latter and the biblical verses she had on her. She duly remarked that the crowd was being unreasonable. She tweeted as well:

It was evident from a away that Aiko purposefully avoided mentioning her rapper boyfriend during any of her remarks, and neither did he. Sean remained silent throughout the entire wildfire as well.

The couple is still going strong, however, as seen by recent posts on their individual Instagram accounts. The pair have been traveling on holidays and spending quality time together for years despite the tattoo-breakup rumors.