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Jessy Schram Enjoys Exercising With Her Climber Boyfriend

Jessy Schram Enjoys Exercising With Her Climber Boyfriend

Jessy Schram, a multi-talented actor, model, and singer-songwriter, enjoys being outside. According to her Instagram page, the Country At Heart actress is always up for an adventure, whether it’s hiking through difficult terrain, climbing mountains, or surfing during her summer vacations.

Schram’s lover Sterling Pierce Taylor, who is also a skilled climber, has a similar predilection for such antics.

The pair of daredevils and adventurers like traveling together and aren’t afraid to express their passion for nature and each other.

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Jessy Schram has a rock climbing partner.

The 34-year-old actress has had a varied career, ranging from child acting to singing melodious musical numbers to playing in Veronica Mars, Once Upon A Time (2011), and American Pie- The Naked Mile, among other films and television shows.

Fans are also fascinated by the multi-talented lady’s real-life story, notably the adventure posts with thrill-seeking spouse Sterling, aside from the on-screen triumph.

The Swept Away singer appears to be head over heels in love with her adventurous companion, regularly showering him with kind words, especially on his birthday.

It’s unclear when and how they became romantically involved, but they’ve been tagging each other since December 2017. Since then, the girlfriend and boyfriend have taken several photos together, the majority of which feature rock climbing.

Sterling is a climber and director who has ascended various rugged mountains throughout the world, and their shared passion for tackling difficult paths may have brought them together.

Schram and Taylor enjoy going on road trips together.

Despite the fact that both lovers have adventurous personalities and a shared affinity, they have yet to make their relationship official. Mountains, rocks, and seas, on the other hand, have been pulling the two closer together.

According to a few of their posts, their relationship began with a few rock climbing sessions. The singer-songwriter climbs to the summit of a difficult-looking rock in this monochrome snapshot taken on February 23, 2018, in an attempt to impress lover Sterling with her climbing abilities.

Both of their Instagram profiles show that they appreciate the beauty of nature. When they go on vacation together, they always remember to take beautiful photos and tag each other on social media. In June of this year, the two went to Mexico together.

Schram Was Once Associated With An Albanian Actor

While the stunning beauty is currently dating Taylor, she was linked to Victor Gojcaj, an Albanian-American, in 2010.

They also collaborated on the 2010 film Unstoppable. There were speculations that the couple was close while they were shooting the thriller picture together.

Even the cast assumed they were dating or more than simply pals because they were so close. However, nothing has come of the rumor.

Putting the past behind them, Schram and Taylor have found happiness in 2020, and while the cute couple has yet to tie the knot, their audience can sense their love thanks to a slew of stunning photos.