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Jessica Capshaw’s Prosthetic Leg Didn’t Last Long on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Jessica Capshaw’s Prosthetic Leg Didn’t Last Long on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Jessica Capshaw is also known as Dr. Arizona Robbins, a pseudonym for actress Jessica Capshaw. Dr. Robbins was a fictitious character played by Capshaw on the long-running television drama Grey’s Anatomy.

Capshaw joined the cast of the show in 2009. Her character was only supposed to appear in three episodes at first. Shonda Rhimes, the show’s creator, opted to lengthen her plot after realizing the potential in her role, most of which may be attributed to Capshaw’s effective acting.

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Capshaw remembered in a 2016 interview with NBC News,

Capshaw’s on-screen chemistry with Sara Ramirez, who played Callie Torres on the program, became increasingly popular as a result of the choice. Ramirez played a bisexual woman, while Capshaw played an LGBTQ+ persona who identifies as a lesbian.

The episode titled ‘White Wedding’ featured their on-screen marriage. Later in the act, however, the plot took a new turn, with the two gettings divorced in front of the audience.

Ramirez came out as bisexual shortly after her departure from the program and later declared themself non-binary.

The sexual orientation and on-screen connection of Capshaw’s character isn’t the only topic of conversation among the show’s devoted viewers. Dr. Robbins’ left leg was amputated in an aircraft crash, which marked a turning point in Capshaw’s character.

Is Jessica Capshaw wearing a prosthetic leg?

In real life, she does not have a prosthetic leg. Her character, however, escaped a devastating plane accident during one of Grey’s Anatomy’s ninth season episodes but was left with a damaged left leg that required amputation.

Even after Capshaw’s character pleaded for aid, Dr. Robbins’ leg was removed.

Capshaw revealed this to TV Line in September 2012 when she first presented the notion of her character’s fate by Rhimes.

“We’re getting ready for next season, and this is what I’m thinking,” she remembered the series creator saying to her over the phone.

Capshaw continued the interview by telling Rhimes what she told her after hearing what she had to say.

Capshaw made peace with the character’s fate after realizing the potential in her plot.

The Origins of the Fake Leg

Dr. Robbins had a prosthetic leg from the ninth season through the fourteenth season of the show. The actress, on the other hand, did not use the prosthetic leg more than once. Apart from that one instance, she claims that the on-screen leg was created using CGI.

During a recent reunion episode, Stars in the House, the actress revealed this critical piece of information.

So, how did everything go down? So, here’s how it’s done.

Capshaw was taken to a hospital before the shoot and given a realistic-looking prop leg with a harness. The fake limb was created by the hospital’s medical lab and used real prosthetics components to give it a realistic appearance.

For obvious reasons, special attention was paid to her skin tone.

The leg’s detailing and craftsmanship made it difficult for the audience to identify the difference.