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Jessica Andrade’s Wife Fernanda Gomes – Romantic Proposal & Once Was Robbed At Gunpoint

Jessica Andrade’s Wife Fernanda Gomes – Romantic Proposal & Once Was Robbed At Gunpoint

Jessica Andrade is a Brazilian mixed martial artist who currently holds the number one spot in the UFC women’s strawweight division. The out lesbian martial artist is in the prime of her career and is well-respected in the combat sports community.

Jessica Andrade devotes similar attention to her marriage to biologist Fernanda Gomes outside of the ring. The couple has been together for quite some time and is absolute eye candy. As a result, we’ll be discussing Jessica Andrade’s wife, Fernanda Gomes, and her location here.

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Fernanda Andrade, Jessica’s wife, is a biologist.

Jessica Andrade’s partner, Fernanda Gomes, prefers the world of biology over the world of appearances. Jessica’s lovely admirer was fascinated by the definition and distinct makeup of living beings. That’s what Fernanda’s Instagram says, at least.

The stunning brunette appears to be an open book, but she picks and chooses what information she shares with the public. As a result, Gomes’ Instagram bio reads: ‘Bióloga.’

Furthermore, Andrade’s wife liked to brag about her University experience and her choice of employment. Fernanda Gomes appears to have two sisters, Paula Sanchez and Patricia Gomes, who were born to Humberto Gomes and his wife. They have a special relationship and like spending time together.

Gomes, on the other hand, is a big fan of jiu-jitsu. She works out with her father and Jessica, her companion. Furthermore, she appears to enjoy changing her hair color, as she has gone from brunette to brown to ginger to blonde to…

Let’s hope to hear from the oceanographer again in the following days.

For a Long Time Together

When one begins to rise to popularity, the world’s scrutiny is evident, and it’s much more so when one belongs to the LGBTQ+ community. At least, that’s the stereotype. This lovely pair, on the other hand, overcame the preconceived notion and are now living a happy marriage.

Jessica Andrade, the former UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion, and Fernanda Gomes have been married for almost a decade. Jessica gushed about her two-year romance with Fernanda in a 2013 interview.

Jessica, Fernanda Gomes’ wife, proposed to her romantically in February 2017 in front of friends and family. Gomes shared the happy occasion on Instagram, thanking her for surprising her and asking her hands in front of her family. She also stated that she would make Jessica happy.

Jessica proposed to Fernanda, the love of his life, in front of friends and family. Fernanda’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Well, for this couple, the honeymoon phase never ended, and we can see snippets of their life narrative in every comment area. Jessica also expressed her gratitude to her then-fiancee and reaffirmed her love for her.

Fairytale Wedding

Jessica, Fernanda Gomes’s wife, is the personification of a hopeless romantic. She never misses an opportunity to amaze her adored person, and in 2017, she stunned her with a public proposal.

Jessica Andrade lost to Joanna Jedrzejczyk in May 2017, but she used her post-bout interview to suggest Fernanda as her partner. Without a doubt, the suggestion was accepted on the spot. In 2019, they had a lavish wedding.

In 2019, Jessica and Fernanda rekindled their vows in Las Vegas. Gomes’ Instagram is the source of this image.

The wedding was lovely, and everything appeared to be in order. Jessica and Fernanda’s greatest strength is that they know how to respect one another. We see them cherishing their moments and the roles they play in one other’s lives in their Instagram postings and even interviews. Furthermore, they are conscious of the impact they have had during their time together and never cease to be grateful and love more.

As a result, Jessica and Fernanda’s relationship is based on their mutual appreciation. Jessica Andrade’s wife also backs her up during the fight weeks. She handles the hate texts and prepares her for whatever opponents she may face in the arena.

Jessica and Fernanda, on the other hand, are well aware of the consequences of becoming a public figure. They rose in the face of social media intolerance, and as a lesbian pair, they have earned their place.

Mrs. Andrade spoke to MMA Fighting about her responsibility as a compassionate human, consoling every girl who is forced to deny herself.

Jessica Andrade and Fernanda are hoping to have twins.

For any couple, having a kid is a dream come true since it enhances their bond and teaches them a new meaning of love. And because women are the embodiment of divine love, it would be natural for two women wanting to have a family to want children.

Jessica Andrade’s wife announced to MMA Fighting in 2017 that they wanted to raise a family in 2020. She mentioned doing artificial insemination, fertilizing the eggs, and implanting them in her uterus so they could have a little bit of both.

Fernanda agreed to have the child since she cared about Jessica’s job. The major announcement is that the couple wants twins and plans to begin jiu-jitsu training as soon as they are able to walk.

Despite the fact that it is mid-2020, none of the couple’s Instagram accounts show any symptoms of pregnancy. Let’s hope we get to meet the future UFC champions as soon as possible.

At Gunpoint Robbed

Jessica Andrade, the UFC champion, and her wife Fernanda were robbed in Brazil in May of this year. When the car came to a stop, the couple was compelled to hand over their telephones before being allowed to take the vehicle.

Jessica had just won the UFC 115-pound title less than a month before the incident. Tiago Okamura, Andrade’s manager, confirmed the incident and affirmed that Jessica and Fernanda were unharmed. Jessica’s car, as well as her phones and credit cards, were seized.

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