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Jeffree Star Communicates with Britney Spears and Addresses the Resurfaced TMZ Clip

Jeffree Star Communicates with Britney Spears and Addresses the Resurfaced TMZ Clip

Jeffree Star has finally made his voice heard.

In an Instagram post a few days ago, Britney Spears gushed about one of Star’s cosmetic products, stating she couldn’t live without it and calling the makeup entrepreneur a “genius.” Fans, on the other hand, were not pleased with Spears’ support for Star, who has been accused of violence, racism, and sexual assault, as well as “Dramagedon 2.0.”

Some admirers, however, pointed out that she was free to support anybody she chose and that this was not how someone who had been under conservatorship for 13 years should be handled. Fans all throughout the world have petitioned for her liberation through the “Free Britney” movement, which gained traction in 2019.

On Twitter, even Star expressed her support for Spears, calling her newfound freedom “long overdue.”

She took down the post once the outcry against the pop artist grew. Fans even dug up an old TMZ video of Star slandering the singer and demanded that she be fired.

Jeffree Star’s Reaction to the Uproar

As the tension grew, Star had no choice but to reply to the issue surrounding Spears’ removed post.

Star indicated in a series of Instagram stories that he would upload and release a video about the incident soon. He explained that he had contacted Spears’ assistant and conducted his own inquiry.

He emphasized that this was not a drama or a tea party, but rather a discussion concerning someone’s mental health. People should not be “bullied” into deleting Spears’ posts, he continued, especially after she went through hell and back to win her release.

He also spoke about the previous TMZ footage, claiming that certain people were preoccupied with his history. He told people to “get over it,” explaining that the video was taken when he was 19, and that now that he’s in his 30s, he realizes it was a mistake.

Star then voiced his admiration for Spears, describing her as an idol and revealing that he owned every album and understood every song’s lyrics.

Jeffree Star Pets is a pet company founded by Jeffree Star.

In his most recent YouTube video, Star not only addressed Spears’ removed post, but also announced the launch of his new brand, Jeffree Star Pets.

The beauty guru adores his furry family and refers to them as his “children.” He’s adopted many dogs and frequently posts pictures of them on his YouTube account and social media.

He was also seen in the movie sitting among his “children” and revealing that he was launching a personalized toy line that would include collars, food and water bowls, toys, and other items. He explained that the project had been delayed due to the deaths of his two furbabies and covid.

His things are already available and sold out on his website.