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Jeff Van Gundy’s Wife Kim Van Gundy – Relationship, Children And More

Jeff Van Gundy’s Wife Kim Van Gundy – Relationship, Children And More

Jeff Van Gundy is an American basketball coach who was born Jeffrey William Van Gundy. He is an ESPN pundit and was previously the head coach of the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets.

In addition to a successful career, Jeff and his wife, Kim Van Gundy, have a happy marriage. Despite the fact that Jeff’s professional records are widely available on the Internet, we rarely hear about Mrs. Kim Van Gundy. As a result, here we are, aiming to shed light on Kim Van Gundy, Jeff Van Gundy’s wife. We’ll discuss their relationship, children, and other topics, so stay tuned.

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Individual with a private life

Kim Van Gundy is the same name as the wives of both Van Gundy brothers, Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Van Gundy. So, let’s get this party started. Mrs. Kim Van Gundy is an extremely private lady, according to this tidbit of information.

Because he and his spouse are not on social media, Jeff and Kim have a fairly private life. Furthermore, except from appearing together at a number of events and games, there are no signs of their location.

Despite Jeff Van Gundy’s celebrity, Kim has managed to remain grounded and out of the spotlight. Furthermore, she has kept her personal life, including her dormant social media accounts, a closely guarded secret.

We do, however, know a few things about her relationship. As a result, we’ll be following the Van Gundys’ love stories.

Sweethearts from High School

As previously said, the Van Gundys are extremely discreet and keep their personal information to themselves. We do know, though, that Jeff and Kim have been dating since high school.

Kim Van Gundy, Jeff Van Gundy’s wife, knew him when he dropped out of Yale University to play basketball at Melon Junior College.

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