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JD Scott’s Soon-To-Be Wife, Annalee Belle, Is Engaged At 30 Years Old.

JD Scott’s Soon-To-Be Wife, Annalee Belle, Is Engaged At 30 Years Old.

Annalee Belle is excited to join The Property Brother’s family as his new sister-in-law!

On October 31, 2018, Annalee Belle, a makeup artist, got engaged to JD Scott, Jonathan, and Drew’s older brother.

The news was only revealed on November 20, 2018, when she and her fiance announced the big event on Instagram. Annalee captioned another photo of herself wearing her ring with nothing but beautiful honey words.

JD Scott, on the other hand, expressed his delight on Instagram, writing, ‘It looks like I get to spend the rest of my life with you.’ Right now, I’m on cloud nine! #Engaged #Proposal #LoveOfMyLife #SheSaidYes

Annalee’s future husband shared three photos: one of him on one knee with Annalee stunned, another of the stunning ring slipping up the future bride’s finger, and a third of the couple gazing lovingly at one another.

Annalee wore a multicolored sequined costume with a fluffy yellow jacket and a pair of black go-go boots for Halloween. JD Scott, 42, wore an ash-gray jacket with formal slacks and shoes, and he looked swoon-worthy.

‘Congrats, Yeh,’ Jonathan said in response to Annalee’s partner’s photo of the proposal. ‘I now have a second wonderful sister.’

Drew was next to tweet, and he quickly dove in and showered the newlyweds with nice comments as he tweeted,

When it came to walking down the aisle, Annalee made it plain that she didn’t want anyone to make decisions about when they would say their wedding vows. She stated that she did not want to get married until a few months before the wedding, which her partner respected. Isn’t that adorable?

After a three-year-long and passionate romance, the couple got engaged. They were adorable, and they constantly posted images of each other on social media, which drew a lot of jealous looks. But the couple persevered through every adversity for three years before taking the huge step of becoming engaged.

People may inquire about the wedding date, but keep in mind that being engaged is essentially a pledge to marry, thus Annalee and her partner may be called husband and wife before long.