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Jason Diaz is overjoyed at the prospect of making his Disney debut.

Jason Diaz is overjoyed at the prospect of making his Disney debut.

Don Benjamin and Liane V, two YouTubers, married today in Hawaii!

With a wedding in Hawaii, the couple was bound to have a magical ceremony on their special day.

V’s dance at the reception was one of the highlights of the day, and it will live on in the minds of fans.

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The Bride Makes Her Appearance

The Neighborhood Talk obtained a video from the couple’s wedding and shared it with people all over the world. The duo was seen having a private dance, for lack of a better term.

As the guests applauded them on, the new bride, dressed in a gorgeous white gown with a see-through skirt, gave the groom a seductive lapdance.

The groom, who was dressed dapperly in a green tuxedo, sat in the middle of the gathering in a chair and let his wife do her thing, but he couldn’t let her have all the fun.

After a quick kiss, the groom rose from his seat, wrapped his arms around his adoring bride, and motioned for her to take her seat. It was now his turn to sway to the music.

The Turn of the Groom to Groove

While moonwalking across the floor, Benjamin elicited even more applause from the audience.

He had the entire floor to himself, shifting around and taunting his wife.

The attendees couldn’t help but throw dollar notes on the floor and record as much of the event as they could on their phones.

The new hubby urged V to join him on the dance floor after taking in the energy of the audience. How could she possibly say no? The video ends with the newlywed pair dancing in each other’s arms.

The dancing video was released just hours after the couple’s joint Instagram account revealed photos from their rehearsal wedding and announced that the wedding was set to take place the next day.

They have a long and tumultuous history together.

After being friends for over three years, the pair began dating.

They share content with their fans on their joint YouTube channel, Forever Us, where they publish fun challenges, travel films, cooking videos, and relationship advice.

On her birthday, the Chicago native went a step further and asked his lovely girlfriend to be his wife.

Benjamin proposed on August 22, 2019, while down on one knee with a square halo diamond ring in his hand.

And, while their wedding is a watershed moment that assures viewers that everything went well, things weren’t always that way.

The couple announced their split in a video on their YouTube page in January 2020, saying they were working on “stuff.”

Despite the fact that they did not reveal the cause for their breakup and told viewers that they would be amicable exes, V suggested in a later video that Benjamin had cheated on her.

She revealed that he had betrayed her trust in a video she posted to Instagram. Thankfully, the couple found the strength to overcome their difficulties and reunited in early 2021.

The couple made their love Instagram public once more with a video titled ‘Are We Getting Back Together?’

Spoiler! Yes, that was the answer.