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Jasmine Sanders’ Relationship with Boyfriend Anthony Rhoades: Cutest Moments

Jasmine Sanders’ Relationship with Boyfriend Anthony Rhoades: Cutest Moments

Jasmine Sanders makes it a point to show off her boyfriend, Anthony Rhoades, to the 4.5 million Instagram followers that follow her. That’s not to say Rhoades doesn’t take advantage of every opportunity to flaunt his golden barbeque.

Fans can get some major romance goals from the couple’s Instagram travels. Here are some of our favorites from the couple’s most adorable moments.

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Rhoades’ Initial Message to His Girlfriend

In the caption, Rhoades posted a photo of Sanders posing for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit while obviously drooling over her.

He went on to say that he considered waiting for her “craziness” to calm down, but after realizing that she was nowhere near doing so, he decided to go ahead and do it anyway.

And that was the start of the genuine post! Sanders was praised for everything she was in a long and heartwarming part written by the celebrity trainer. It would be borderline criminal to paraphrase his words. Take a look for yourself!

The couple got tattoos that were identical.

On July 25, 2021, the dashing hunk updated his Instagram account once more. He showed off his matching tattoos with his partner this time.

The trainer, who was already covered in tattoos, adorned his skin with the name of his beloved once more. “Jasmine” is now written on his left-hand thumb. The stunning lady picked her right forearm to display her beau’s name in a lovely cursive script.

The trainer complimented the post once more with a heartfelt caption.

He referred to her as his wife.

This post came from Rhoades in May 2021, according to the clock. The fitness expert shared a slideshow of photos and short videos of the two of them strolling the streets of Miami, Florida, stopping for photoshoots every now and then.

Everything from sparkling wine to posing for gorilla graffiti on the street was part of the couple’s “Sunday hijinks.” They relaxed in the jacuzzi and ate a delicious Mexican lunch — in short, it was the ideal Sunday.

It’s starting to look like a pattern. When Rhoades referred to her as his wife in his caption, it brought a smile to his fans’ faces. To be clear, the couple has not yet exchanged vows. Nonetheless, it was a lovely gesture.

Sunset on the Beach

The video of Sanders and Rhoades kissing against the stunning backdrop of the infinite sea as the sun set must be one of the most wholesome videos of the couple available to the public.

As her partner moved in for a kiss, the SI model’s auburn-blonde locks were left undisturbed. Of course, she couldn’t help but cling to him in the same way that he did. The sun’s golden rays bathed the sky in blissful hues all the while.

The article was also noteworthy for another reason. It was the couple’s first wedding anniversary. The beauty praised her beau for sliding into her Instagram DMs in the description of the image, which was posted on April 9, 2021.