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James Brown’s Daughter LaRhonda Pettit Alleges He Was Murdered

James Brown’s Daughter LaRhonda Pettit Alleges He Was Murdered

For numerous years, the multitalented artist James Brown’s profession and life have been the talk of the town. He was a well-known singer, composer, dancer, and record producer whose music has influenced musicians across the generations. In terms of his personal life, we wouldn’t be wrong to compare Brown’s story to that of a television show.

James died on December 25, 2006, at the age of 73, after living his life to the utmost. Since then, there have been multiple reports of his relatives vying for a piece of the inheritance, as well as numerous persons claiming to be his offspring. The most odd turn of events occurred in 2010, when LaRhonda Pettit, James Brown’s daughter, claimed that her father was murdered and that his body was gone.

Stay tuned to see if LaRhonda Pettit was correct and learn more about the court struggle over James Brown’s fortune.

James Brown’s Children And Relationships

James Brown was married to four different women and fathered multiple children over his seventy-three years on this planet. He was initially married to Velma Warren, with whom he had three children. Brown married Deidre Jenkins and they have two daughters together. He married Adrienne Lois Rodriguez for the third time, and after splitting from her, he married Tomi Rae Hynie. Hynie and Brown’s marriage was not legalized, according to the New York Times, since she had not dissolved a prior marriage.

Brown had multiple children from previous relationships, according to Cheat Sheet, and apparently acknowledged nine of them. However, some people have come forward to claim that they are the artist’s illegitimate children. LaRhonda Pettit, whose DNA test revealed that James Brown was 99.9% likely to be her father, is one of them.

LaRhonda Pettit, James Brown’s daughter

LaRhonda Pettit claimed after James Brown’s death that she was the “Godfather of Soul’s” eldest daughter. She subsequently underwent DNA testing, with the result that she had a 99.9% chance of being Brown’s daughter, according to Pettit. Buddy Dallas, Brown’s attorney, also confirmed the results of the test. LaRhonda Brown-Pettit has been the name of the singer-illegitimate songwriter’s daughter since then. She stated that her father chose her mother from the audience at one of his shows, and the two began dating soon after. According to Pettit, the incident occurred in the 1960s, making her one of the eldest Brown children.

Apart from this, little is known about LaRhonda Pettit, James Brown’s daughter. We did, however, discover a Facebook page with her name after scouring the internet. LaRhonda Brown-Pettit died on December 27, 2013, in West Houston, Texas. Ciara LaCora, her daughter, told her Facebook followers of her mother’s death and stated that the page would remain active to carry on her mother’s legacy.

It’s heartbreaking to learn that the Brown family has lost yet another member. Nonetheless, we hope LaRhonda Pettit, like her father, lived life to the fullest and is now at peace.

LaRhonda Pettit said her father had been murdered.

While the dispute over his estate was in full swing, LaRhonda Pettit, James Brown’s daughter, came forward and claimed that her father died of a heart attack and was murdered. Pettit said in 2010 that the vocalist of “You’ve Got the Power” had gone missing. LaRhonda sought an autopsy to uncover the true cause of her father’s death, according to Irish Examiner. Brown was assassinated, she believed, by individuals who wanted his money.

LaRhonda Pettit, James Brown’s daughter, claimed that her father was murdered. Facebook page of LaRhonda Brown-Pettit.

While LaRhonda Pettit was adamant about her suspicions, Deanna Brown Thomas, Brown’s other daughter, disregarded them. Deanna also confirmed, through her spokesman Elif Crawford, that Pettit’s assertion was incorrect. According to the Guardian, the director of the funeral house in charge of James Brown’s monument also stated that the body remains in Deanna’s two-tier tomb.

Furthermore, Pettit isn’t the only one who believes James Brown’s death was the result of foul play. Many of his friends and former coworkers have expressed doubts about what happened in the days preceding up to the multitalented artist’s death. There are also concerns about why Brown’s body was not autopsied. One of James’ daughters, Yamma Brown, declined to perform the autopsy.

Given the ambiguity surrounding James Brown’s death, it’s no surprise that his daughter, LaRhonda Pettit, has spoken up. There has been no definitive evidence concerning the matter for decades, and according to CNN, a dozen people are calling for a criminal probe into the inexplicable incidents.

The Estate of James Brown is the subject of a legal battle.

On the one hand, there are still unanswered concerns about James Brown’s death, while on the other hand, his family has been litigating over his fortune for more than fourteen years. He died in 2006, however there have been no definitive results regarding the late singer’s money to this day. Several lawsuits have been filed in an attempt to recover the assets as well as copyright claims for James Brown’s music.

Brown’s net worth was believed to be over $100 million at the time of his death, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Brown’s family members are clamoring for a piece of the pie, which comes as no surprise given his huge riches. We’ll have to wait and see what the court decides, and perhaps James Brown will be satisfied with the outcome.

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