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Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett Drop Hints About Getting Married

Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett Drop Hints About Getting Married

Another TikTok drama, another day.

Nessa Barrett and her boyfriend Jaden Hossler have never been out of the spotlight since they started dating. The couple originally made news when they revealed their relationship while still dating their respective ex-boyfriends, Josh Richards, and Mads Lewis.

Lewis, Hossler’s former, accused him of cheating on her, and many speculated that he would do the same to Barrett. Barrett was photographed wearing a diamond band on her ring finger shortly after, and the couple became the talk of the town.

Many admirers assumed it was only a promise ring, but Barrett deleted a photo of her ring and replaced it with one that had her ring edited. This raised suspicions, and fans and the media quickly assumed the two were engaged.

The couple has been silent about the allegations, but there are new reports that they may be married.

Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett Wed

On September 11, Hollywire released a video titled “Are Nessa and Jaden Married?” on their YouTube page.

In the video, the host revealed that Hossler had referred to Nessa as his wife on his Instagram story, as well as Barrett’s performance on TikTok for MTV. Fans wondered if they were married after Hossler added the word “wife” to the article about the performance.

However, the host speculated that Hossler might be using the phrase as an affection, which is a widespread practice.

Hossler recently went on Instagram Live to promote his YouTube video. He was dressed in a brown hoodie with a white and blue cap on his head. Barrett joined Live as well. She approached Hossler and hugged him, causing him to introduce her.

He then read a fan’s comment and thanked all of his admirers for their support. He also mentioned that his tour was going well and that Barrett had joined him, making him feel secure, which elicited a shout from Barrett in the background.

Hossler then went on to talk about his next tour vlog. Despite saying little about marriage, he alluded to Barrett as his future wife, which could, for all we know, have something to do with their engagement.

Fans are teased by Nessa Barrett’s ring.

Barrett is tempting followers with posts about her ring, while Hossler is driving fans into a frenzy by referring to Barrett as his wife.

She had already shown a peek at her ring before concealing it, and she has done it once more. Barrett was seen with and without her ring, according to the TikTok Shaderoom. Barrett had posted a tale with her ring and then removed it for the next article, according to the post description.

Fans asked the media to leave Barrett alone, claiming she was only showing off her nail designs in the comments area.

None of the rumors have been addressed by the pair.