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Jade Cargill’s Lowkey Personal Life and Daughter Are Among the 5 Things You Should Know About Her

Jade Cargill’s Lowkey Personal Life and Daughter Are Among the 5 Things You Should Know About Her

Jade Cargill, 29, is a fitness model and a professional wrestler signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

However, considering she had her impressive professional wrestling debut in 2020 and has only appeared in a few games, there is likely a lot about her that you don’t know.

So, here are five things you should know about Cargill, including information on her possible husband and daughter.

1. She is a child psychologist with a master’s degree.

Cargill has a verified master’s degree in child psychology, according to her official website. Her duty, she says, is to “motivate, support, and coach her clients towards that better version of themselves-mentally and physically,” according to her website.

Cargill attended Jacksonville University for her college degree.

Interestingly, many fans discussed her extensive educational qualifications in a Reddit thread from April 2021.

The thread also praised her for having a solid academic background, which she would benefit from once she finished her wrestling career.

Cargill is also a trainer and a business owner who describes herself as a “relentless, driven, and dedicated lady.”

2. Brandon Phillips has a daughter with her.

A brief glance at her Instagram page reveals that the pro wrestler is the proud mother to Bailey Quinn, a four-year-old daughter.

On April 18, 2017, she gave birth to her only child. Brandon Phillips, an MLB player, and three-time All-Star is said to be her father.

3. Phillips is dating a Major League Baseball player.

Cargill’s relationship with Phillips is a well-guarded secret. She hasn’t spoken publicly about him or their relationship in a long time. Her social media has been the only place where she has hinted at her relationship with him.

She, for example, acknowledged him in a tweet on June 20th, wishing him a happy Father’s Day. She also got into a fun Twitter spat with him after wishing him luck for his game on May 23.

“Awwww thanks, honey,” he replied to her tweet, but Cargill had other ideas. She instantly posted a thread, asking him, “Honey?” who he was referring to.

“…it appears that you want to wrestle!!! Please let me know so I can prepare the @JonesandRose and baby oil “He replied to her one more. That elicited a response from her: “Please don’t make me use Jaded on you. Come wrestle with me so that I may earn more money.”

While the chat suggests that Cargill and Phillips are dating, no official confirmation has been made.

4. Her height is 5 feet and 10 inches.

Height and weight are quite important for a professional fitness personality. Cargill is in a similar situation. With a height of 5 feet 10 inches and a weight of 160 pounds, she maintains a fit figure.

On January 12, 2021, when she published her physical measurements on Twitter, a fan responded, claiming they thought she was around 6 feet 2 inches tall.

5. A multi-year contract with AEW was signed.

Cargill has a multi-year deal with AEW, which was confirmed in November 2020 after her electrifying debut on AEW Dynamite.

Tony Khan, the CEO, and GM of AEW said in a press statement following her signing,

Cargill, who was happy, pleased, and proud, said she joined AEW because it gave her a voice and that she was ready to shake up the women’s division.