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Jackson Wang Tattoos – Look At The Actor’s Ink And Meaning Behind Them

Jackson Wang Tattoos – Look At The Actor’s Ink And Meaning Behind Them

Fans of K-pop music will recognize Jackson Wang. He is a rapper, dancer, and vocalist from Hong Kong who is best known for being a member of the South Korean boy band Got7. Wang is also the creator of Team Wang Records, which he established in 2017. In addition, he is the creative director and designer for his own fashion label, Team Wang Design.

Jackson Wang is a rapper that enjoys both music and fashion design. Rather, he appears to be a tattoo enthusiast as well. On the cover of the prominent Chinese magazine SuperELLE in August 2020, he startled his admirers by exposing his tattoos for the first time. Consider the meanings of some of Jackson Wang’s tattoos.

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” is a fictional character (fu)

The character ” tattooed on his right shoulder was the first tattoo Jackson Wang mentioned while displaying his tattoos to SuperELLE magazine. In English, it means ‘fortune’ or ‘luck.’

Wang explained that it was a nod to a Chinese tradition in which families hang posters with the same character upside down on their doors during the Lunar New Year. He went on to say that he had the tattoo with the character ” turned upside down and pointing at him. It denotes that he has good fortune or that wealth has come to him.

A Lantern is seen in this illustration.

On his forearm, Jackson Wang has a Chinese Lantern tattoo. It holds a unique meaning for Jackson.

That lantern, according to Jackson Wang, was made when he was around seven or eight years old, during the mid-autumn festival that year. Because his parents didn’t prepare it, and he didn’t ask for it, all the kids except him were playing with lanterns at a park. However, when he returned home from the park, he discovered a table laden with mooncakes, dishes, and numerous lanterns, including one shaped like a superman.

He grieved when he saw that image since he had desired lanterns. Wang, on the other hand, kept telling himself to forget about it. His parents, on the other hand, were aware of his desire and surprised him with the lanterns.

Signs of the Zodiac

Following the event with the lantern, Jackson Wang discovered that his parents truly care about him. As a result, when he grew up, he decided to acquire a tattoo of his parents’ birthdays and zodiac signs.

Jackson Wang has his parents’ zodiac signs and birthdays tattooed on his forearms. The mouse on Jackson Wang’s right forearm signifies Sophia Wang’s zodiac sign, and 0423 is her birthday, April 23rd. Wang Ruiji’s zodiac sign is Wang Ruiji, and his birthday is February 9th, hence the chicken represents him.

When it comes to Jackson Wang’s family, he has a sibling who is a very reserved individual.

Olympic Rings And A Fencing Sword

Jackson Wang was a Junior Sabre Fencer for Hong Kong’s fencing team before joining the Korean Entertainment industry. In the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics, he came in eleventh place. Wang didn’t return to Sabre, but he did get Olympic rings tattooed on his left arm. He competed at the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games for the first time as a fencer.

On his forearm, Jackson Wang has a tattoo of an Olympic ring and a sword. Jackson Wang’s Instagram is the source of this image.

The sword right beneath the Olympic ring also depicts the fencing sword.


Almost everyone who keeps up with Jackson Wang’s life is aware that he founded the Team Wang record label. In addition, in 2020, he will start Team Wang Brand, a fashion line in which he will be the principal designer.

So he inscribed ‘TEAM WANG: LET’S MAKE HISTORY’ and ‘COOKIES’ on his left belly as a tribute to his record label and fashion business. Wang’s brand is ‘Team Wang,’ and the company’s motto is ‘Let’s Make History.’ Wang refers to each of Team Wang Fashion’s collections as “Cookies.”

Jackson Wang’s Motivation For Getting Tattoos

Jackson Wang claims that he decided to get the tattoos after reflecting on his aspirations. In the magazine interview, he stated that he will have some time to himself in 2020. As a result, he considered a variety of topics, including the happiest moments in his life, his beliefs, and the image he wanted to project.

He realized he wanted to get tattooed after gaining a better understanding of himself. He was hesitant at first because he believed he wouldn’t be able to pull it off. Later, he believed he was having tattoos on his body and that it was not harmful to others.

When a fan later asked if he wanted more tattoos, Jackson Wang replied in English that he would if he wanted to. In the following days, we may see more of Jackson Wang’s tattoos, and we hope to learn more about his life’s memorable experiences.

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