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Jack Grealish accuses the media of inventing Amber Gill dating rumors.

Jack Grealish accuses the media of inventing Amber Gill dating rumors.

Jack Grealish has finally spoken out about his rumored relationship with Love Island winner Amber Gill.

On Monday morning, the Manchester City midfielder slammed the reports on his Instagram stories, adding, “Please don’t trust everything you read in the tabloids.”

He went on to say that quotes from “sources” and “close pals” were involved in the “two biggest lies in newspapers.”

Reactions to Jack Grealish’s Statement on Twitter

Twitterati chimed in when Grealish responded to the “cheating” and “dating” claims on his Instagram stories.

“When he drove a car with [too] much alcohol in it and fled the scene, he claimed the same thing. Should focus more on his football element, since if he doesn’t, he’ll have a difficult time here “one said on Twitter.

“100% there write anything to get people to buy their papers [sic],” wrote another supporter of the soccer player.

“Anyone who took this information from the [newspaper] is a moron. It was simply innuendos with no proof, and some of it was blatantly false. The only people who believed it were those who wanted to believe it “someone chimed in Grealish’s favor.

The claims were also slammed by Amber Gill.

Gill was the first to respond to the rumors after they were published in internet tabloids. She had also turned to Instagram stories to deny dating and being Grealish’s girlfriend. She went on to say that the incorrect information had wrecked her current relationship with her [secret] partner.

“If you wanted to know who I was actually dating… You’ll never find out because of this sort of [expletive]…EVERYDAY…STOP LYING,” she stated in a video she posted to her Instagram stories.

She released another statement on social media the next day, claiming she had received hundreds of hateful messages and death threats.

She added in the letter that she ignored bogus news and headlines and that the “two phony pieces” written about her allowed strangers to “DM the most horrible and intimidating things.”

She went on to say that some people had threatened her life because they believed her personal life story was “total nonsense.”

She clarified that she had never been with Grealish, saying,

The Amber Gill-Jack Grealish Relationship Rumor

A few online tabloids alleged last week that the soccer player was dating the reality star as well as two other well-known women, Emily Atack and Sasha Attwood.

Gill was “heartbroken” after finding out Grealish was dating two other women at the same time, according to the Sun. According to the magazine, she told a friend, “I’d like to get in touch with Emily and see if there was any crossing.”

Gill’s month-long social media disappearance, romantic dinner date selfies with a mystery man, and a snap wishing the England squad success at the Euros earlier this year all pointed to Grealish and Gill’s ties, according to the tabloid.

However, both of them have refuted all of the relationship rumors, insisting that they are fake.