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Jace Norman’s Dating History: Everything You Need to Know

Jace Norman’s Dating History: Everything You Need to Know

Jace Norman moved from being a Disney child actor to a teen hottie — possibly the next Jumanji star in the making, like Alex Wolff, who started his career at Nickelodeon.

Norman got the lead role of Henry Hart in Nickelodeon’s original series, Henry Danger, in 2014, after making his Disney debut in Jessie at the age of 12.

He appeared in the show until 2020, then went on to produce the spin-off Danger Force, in which he played the eponymous role as a guest actor.

At the age of 21, the Carrales native already wears the hats of actor, writer, and producer, which is quite an accomplishment. And, at least on the surface, his personal life is just as eventful.

Riele Downs, Norman’s co-star

Norman’s Henry Danger co-star Riele Downs was said to be dating Norman in 2014. On and off the screen, the two had cute chemistry.

The stars, however, debunked the rumors by stating that they were merely friends.

Isabela Moner is his girlfriend.

In 2016, Norman started dating Nickelodeon star Isabela Moner, a.k.a. Isabela Merced. Their love for each other was evident on their social media pages, where they shared photos of each other.

Finally, on his girlfriend’s 15th birthday, the young actor arranged a surprise. He rented a boat and took Moner on a sail along Vancouver’s waterfront. He also presented her with the first bouquet in her life.

The pleasant bond, on the other hand, did not last long. During a phone interview with Just Jared Jr. in November 2016, Norman announced his breakup from Moner after only seven months.

When asked about their relationship, he said they were just friends and that there was no ill blood following the breakup.

Norman’s Speculations About His Girlfriends

Norman’s name was linked with his fellow entertainment colleagues, despite the fact that he didn’t get back into the dating scene after his break-up with Isabela Moner.

He was rumored to be dating Sydney Park from Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists in March 2017.

They ignited allegations after Park posted a photo on Instagram, and the Henry Danger actor remarked, “I mean.” The actress promptly responded with a heart emoji to his remark, igniting the rumor mill.

However, the brief Instagram connection came to naught, and the relationship rumors went away over time.

Then, in 2018, fans began to ship Norman and his co-star Cree Cicchino, hoping that they would be able to translate their on-screen love into real life. On Game Shakers, their respective characters, Henry Hart and Babe, had a lovely Valentine’s Day.

Norman and Cicchino friend-zoned each other, therefore the desire never came true.

Cicchino remarked about their friendship in an interview with Celebsecrets on February 9, 2018. “It’s always pleasant to work with a close buddy,” she stated, praising Norman’s abilities.

What Is Jace Norman’s Relationship Status?

Norman has kept his personal life private, refusing to publicize his relationship status.

The last time his followers were nearly certain he was dating was in 2019 when he was linked to actress Shelby Simmons.

On March 23, 2019, the two walked side-by-side on the orange carpet for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. Both of them used Instagram to post photos from the event.

They had a supposedly romantic weekend in Santa Monica, CA, two months later, and uploaded images (since gone) on Instagram.

Aside from the tidbits, neither of them spoke anything about their connection.