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It appears that YouTuber Jacksepticeye thinks the man bun hairstyle is stylish for him.

It appears that YouTuber Jacksepticeye thinks the man bun hairstyle is stylish for him.

Jacksepticeye, a popular YouTuber, has a history of experimenting with various hairstyles. He is well-known for having distinctively green hair, hence coloring it green has frequently appeared in his writing. And even if his followers and audience tend to prefer him in his trademark appearance, the content producer himself seems to have a thing for man buns.

Jacksepticeye has even commended a number of other influencers for attempting a man bun, suggesting that he loves the idea of sporting a ponytail or man bun.

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The Love of Man Buns by Jacksepticeye

Sean William McLoughlin, better known as Jacksepticeye, is no stranger to experimenting with different faces. He has experimented with hundreds of haircuts throughout the years, ranging from an undercut to a quiff. Over the years, he has opted for completely various styles and appearances.

But out of all the different haircuts he has worn so far, the man bun appears to be his favorite, and you can see him wearing it in his most recent video and social media updates.

In addition to liking the look on himself, Jacksepticeye urges others to give it a shot. In 2017, he responded to a tweet from popular Twitch broadcaster MoistCr1TiKaL by suggesting that MoistCr1TiKaL let his hair grow out and wear it in a ponytail or a man bun.

In April 2020, Jacksepticeye also published a throwback post in which he shared many images of himself sporting a man bun while donning a denim jacket and jeans. The text “Would **** around and bring this look back” that was written alongside the photographs hinted that he might return to that hairdo.

The An1me Man, an anime YouTuber, commented and asked if the two might be man bun bros. Jacksepticeye answered, “Absolutely!!!


Bryan Dechart, a voice actor, and Twitch streamer flaunted his man bun on another occasion, and Jack congratulated him. This occurred in August 2020. The YouTuber, who was also sporting a man bun, seems pleased with Dechart’s decision and wrote, “Man bun buds!” to show his enthusiasm.

Jacksepticeye Colored His Hair Green To Raise Money

Even though Jacksepticeye enjoys wearing man buns, his followers appear to prefer him with green hair. His community loves the look so much that it earned him the nickname “green PewDiePie” in several memes.

Although gaming is the focus of Jacksepticeye’s YouTube videos, he frequently hosts charity streams as well.

Jacksepticeye organized a #Thankmas charity stream in December 2020 with the intention of raising $500,000. If the objective was achieved, he said he would stream green hair color. He honored his word when the stream raised half a million dollars in under 2 hours and 19 minutes.

Over $4 million had been raised by Jacksepticeye and his fans by the time the stream ended.

In June 2019, he completed a similar stream with the intention of raising $100,000 for charity. Back then as well, the goal had been reached, and he had then adopted his now-signature appearance.