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Iskra Lawrence’s Decision to Have Her Baby at Home: Everything You Need to Know

Iskra Lawrence’s Decision to Have Her Baby at Home: Everything You Need to Know

On April 16, 2021, Iskra Lawrence and her boyfriend Philip Payne celebrated their baby boy’s first birthday with a small gathering. Almost a week later, the adoring mother uploaded photos from the festivities on Instagram.

This was not, however, the first time the fans had seen the extremely adorable toddler. In fact, the model made it a point to keep her followers up to date on every stage of her parental journey, including the birth of her child.

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Lawrence kept fans up to date on everything that was going on in his life.

The mother-of-one began sharing her viewpoint on delivering her newborn son at home through a vlog on her YouTube channel after taking some time to recover both physically and mentally. She had, however, kept followers informed about the pregnancy for quite some time.

Despite the fact that a home birth could be the safer option given the current epidemic, the model had prepared for a home delivery regardless of the situation.

Lawrence also made a point of highlighting the positive aspects of having a baby at home while also giving followers a glimpse into the more frightening aspects of the experience. She characterized the event as the most excruciating pain of her life while also describing it as the best day of the couple’s lives.

She had to go through 12 hours of contractions.

The first-time mother had twelve hours of contractions that were far more severe than she had anticipated during childbirth. She said in the YouTube update,

Lawrence had a slew of unpleasant side effects as the contractions progressed, including vomiting and diarrhea, before her water burst. She then jumped into the ready-to-use home birthing pool they had on hand. Payne and her parents accompanied her throughout the procedure.

An Experiment That Is Both Painful and Magical

The suffering, on the other hand, was far from done. Lawrence’s midwife, Ellie, discovered that her cervix hadn’t dilated past 7 centimeters as she was pushing through labor. As a result, the midwife had to manually rip it apart to allow the baby’s head to emerge.

Lawrence expected the baby to come out effortlessly once the head was out, but the childbirth process exceeded her expectations once more. However, this is not the case! Ellie “yanked” him out instead.

The infant did not breathe during the first several seconds, much to the couple’s horror. According to Lawrence,

Thankfully, everything went smoothly, and the experienced midwife handled the issue with ease. When the baby let out his first cry, the couple felt relieved.

On Instagram, the new mother also posted stills of the romantic moment, which included her naked in her birthing tub.

Lawrence posted all of her preparations on YouTube in the hopes of assisting others planning a home water birth, and in the description box, she included links to everything they purchased for the process.