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Isaiah Stannard, a transgender actor, is open about his gender and the experiences that accompany it.

Isaiah Stannard, a transgender actor, is open about his gender and the experiences that accompany it.

Good Girls on NBC was Isaiah Stannard’s major break as a transgender actor. The program has influenced not only his acting career but also his personal life.

Stannard portrays Ben, a transgender male, on Good Girls. Ben was born as Sadie, a female.However, in the eighth episode of season two, Ben comes out to his mother, Annie, who accepts him with open arms.

Fans and followers of the program were ecstatic about Ben/ Sadie’s revelation. Uncommon knowledge is the correlation between Stannard’s character in Good Girls and his actual existence.

Is Isaiah Stannard Transgender?

Stannard was born a female, but he realized he was a male while watching Good Girls. The writers of the program altered the plot to reflect Stannard’s actual journey, resulting in a storyline that closely resembles his own.

In a May 2021 interview with Brut, Stannard discussed his coming out as well as his role as Ben on Good Girls.

Stannard disclosed that initially, rather than Sadie, Ben, a cisgender male, was to be bullied for expressing his feminine side. When the writers proposed having a girl who is bullied for being masculine, the actor’s agent convinced them to change their views.

Stanton participated in the audition, but did not hear from the production for a while. Soon thereafter, without a recall, the actor was cast and production began.

Shortly after the audition and during the casting process, Stannard came to the realization that he was transgender.

The show’s writers altered the narrative of Sadie and rewrote the character as a transgender person after being inspired by his real-life journey. The creator of the show, Jenna Bans, told Variety how exciting it was to investigate a gender-nonconforming character through Stannard.

Bans contacted GLAAD’s Nick Adams, a transgender man himself, to ensure accuracy.

Stanton expressed how significant the scenario was to him. For him and the industry as a whole, it was revolutionary for him to display his expertise on such a program.

Similarly to how Annie accepts Ben in Good Girls, the actor’s parents completely support his life choices.

Isaiah Stannard’s Parents Are Supportive

On June 7, Stannard and his mother, Kristin Johansen, discussed the actor’s coming-out journey with People. Johansen is extraordinarily devoted to her son.

She disclosed that Stannard came out as homosexual before transgender. The actor never feared opening up to his mother because Johansen fostered a receptive atmosphere for her son.

Johansen is thrilled that her transgender son relishes wearing skirts and high heels. She desires only for her son to be content with himself and his actions. Johansen is not only a devoted mother, but also an ally to the LGBTIQ+ community.

She revealed that during Pride Month in New York City, they dress up and attend pride parades.

Additionally, their family is affiliated with the Ackerman Institute in New York, a family counseling institution that assists children in coming out comfortably. Warren Marsh, the companion of Scarlett Johansson, is also extremely supportive of the actor and stands by his decisions.

Isaiah Stannard’s Profession

Before Good Girls, he participated in three smaller endeavors. Before he recognized himself as a transgender boy, he acted as a female. Good Girls was his major break, and Stannard attributes his desire to become an actor to the NBC series.

During a conversation with Brut., Stannard disclosed that he relished being on set every day. Now, he is searching for additional projects to participate in. According to IMDb, he plays Sam in the short film 5 Teenagers Walk Into a Bar.

However, Stannard is still unsure of which roles he wishes to portray.