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Is Zendaya related to anyone? Her Family Life from the Inside

Is Zendaya related to anyone? Her Family Life from the Inside

Since her roles in films like Euphoria, the Spider-Man movies, and, most recently, Dune, Zendaya has become a household figure in the entertainment business. However, becoming a household name brings with it the attention of others in your personal life.

The actress, on the other hand, would rather keep her family out of the spotlight. However, there are some facts regarding her family life available. What we know about her family and siblings is as follows.

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Is Zendaya related to anyone?

Zendaya was born within a large family. She appears to be the newest addition to the group.

The actress appears to have two older brothers and three older sisters at first glance. They aren’t, however, her biological siblings.

Her siblings are all from her father’s previous relationship with Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. He met Claire Stoermer, her mother after that relationship ended.

So, Who Are Zendaya’s Brothers and Sisters?

Austin Stoermer Coleman is one of her brothers. He is said to be an actor.

He does not appear to be active on social media, and he does not appear to have an IMDB page.

Julien Stoermer Coleman is her other brother. He, like Austin, appears to want to avoid the spotlight.

Katianna Stoermer, Annabella Stoermer, and Kaylee Stoermer Coleman are her three sisters.

The actress said in a 2015 interview with Complex that one of her sisters resided in Los Angeles with her two girls and husband.

She claimed she was close to her and frequently visited her home.

However, there is some uncertainty over how many siblings she has and who her oldest sibling is.

Her father called her his “first born” in a photo with another woman. Latonja Coleman is her name.

On November 20, 2021, Kazembe also shared an old photo of himself carrying a baby boy whom he refers to as Ezenia, hinting that he is his son.

Zendaya is always thinking of her family.

Zendaya has spoken openly about her siblings on several occasions. She always praises them and gives credit to them for the life she’s lived.

In 2015, she told Time that her genuine role models are her parents and family, claiming that her mother was a hero to her, that her father was a strong man, and that she looked up to and respected her older sister.

Zendaya also thinks about them when she’s working on the business side of things.

She is constantly working on plus-size clothing collections, inspired by the range of body shapes in her family.

In November 2019, she told Allure, “I’m not going to produce things that my sister, niece, or any of the ladies in my family can’t wear.”