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Is there a husband for Paige Hathaway? Inside the Relationship of a Fitness Expert

Is there a husband for Paige Hathaway? Inside the Relationship of a Fitness Expert

After overcoming her fair share of difficulties in life, including an unstable family and precarious circumstances, Paige Hathaway transformed from an ordinary Oklahoman girl to an inspirational fitness model and instructor.

She lived in a variety of places during her childhood. Hathaway first shared a home with her alcoholic father. She later resided with her mother after her divorce. But because of the ongoing volatility, she was forced to move in with her grandmother, then two foster homes, then two families.

The 34-year-old was eager to establish stability after she was granted legal emancipation at the age of 16. She managed full-time work, and her studies, and fortunately, she went to the gym. She was persuaded by the trainers to participate in a bikini competition at the gym.

The young Hathaway was reluctant at first, but eventually gave in to persistent persuasion and entered the competition. It comes as no surprise that she fell short in the competition, but the encounter sparked a passion Hathaway was unaware of.

Hathaway, who had the idea for the fitness sector, took use of the prospects, grew stronger, and developed her brand. She provides both men and women with online diet plans, exercise programs, and even supplements advice.

Additionally, the Minnesota native has managed her career to the best of her ability while also finding happiness in her marriage. What is known about her love life is as follows!

Pamela Hathaway Has a Daughter with Jason Sebastian Hathaway has a long-standing relationship with Jason Sebastian, a fellow fitness enthusiast.

When they were young, the two came together at a sizable event in Dallas.

At the event, they briefly flirted because Hathaway had a crush on him from the moment she saw him.

However, once they got home, they stopped speaking to one another.

Around five years later, their common buddy coincidentally brought up Sebastian and urged Hathaway to speak with him about business. So, following the advice, she contacted him on social media.

After their initial encounter in Denver, the pair grew close and became inseparable. They soon moved in together, and on September 13, 2019, they had their first child together, a daughter named Presley Marie Sebastian.

A day after the birth of her daughter, Hathaway said on Instagram, “Please help us welcome our healthy baby girl into this world.”

She also mentioned the father of her child and expressed her utter love for him.

Is Jason Sebastian married to Paige Hathaway?

Hathaway and her partner have been publicly sharing photos of their happy family life on social media since the birth of their baby.

However, they haven’t yet revealed whether they are dating, engaged, or Wed.

Hathway has also never referred to Sebastian as her fiance or husband.

Despite this, it appears from the comments on their social media posts that they have not yet tied the knot.

For instance, Sebastian shared a photo of his family on Instagram on September 23, 2021. He asked his followers if they should have one more child in the caption.

One fan specifically said, “One Yes, but first, have a great wedding.” Another Instagram user urged Sebastian to quit making fun of everyone and start acting like his partner’s legal husband.

According to the remarks, it is evident that Hathaway does not yet have a husband but already has a companion who resembles a husband. So don’t rush to be married!